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                          CALL for ENTRIES

                           The 8th. Annual

             N O T   S T I L L   A R T   F E S T I V A L
                           New  York City

 ...a forum devoted to abstract & non-narrative electronic motion  
                imaging with music / sound design...

DEADLINE: POSTMARK December 10, 2002.  
GUIDELINE & APPLICATION: http://www.improvart.com/nsa/  
CONTACT: nsa@improvart.com 
NEWSLETTER: send e-mail with"subscribe" in subject header. 

Independent Exposure - " Öthe best collection of shorts Iíve seenÖ"
Send submissions to: 
Joel S. Bachar, Microcinema International
531 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
Info/details: +1-415-864-0660
info@microcinema.com	www.microcinema.com 
Cinematheque at
MediaCentre /le Musee di-visioniste

is looking for artists' videos
in the streaming formats
Quicktime, Real Video, Flash, Shockwave, Windows Media
to be presented in the next online show.
Slowly the currently running Summer Festival is coming to an end.

Artists are invited to submit works of any subject and genre. No commercial
works are accepted. The running time may not exceed 10 min.

The works can be submitted either as media file (not larger than 5MB) or URL
(file size not limited).

A selection of the best submitted videos will be included in the show.

Deadline 30 November 2002.

Please use this entry form for submitting:

*short bio (not longer than 250 words)

*type of video
*URL or type of submitted media file
*short description (not more than 250 words)

Please send your submission exclusively via email to

Cinematheque at
MediaCentre - le Musee di-visioniste
General Info:

Visit also the currently running show on
Le Musee di-visioniste
Focus:x? - {self}_representation
Unfoldings: An Exhibition of Information Art and Architectures
The Arts District, the City of Edmonton, Canada
February 2003

	Unfoldings are intrinsic dimensions that open indefinitely outward,
potentially encompassing an infinite expansion of space. Like an inflating
balloon, the computer interface is also a phenomenon whose infinite writing
surface is situated in ever-present temporal and incremental space,
perpetually dividing itself to reveal new moments of present-tense textual
time, and whose spatial dimensions are performed via the instantaneity of
mouse clicks and real time navigation. A temporal surface like the
interface is a self-contained discourse network and an organic system; such
a system is also familiar to us in the guise of the body, a system that is
both frame and material for its own performative narratives. This
expression of embodied presence is the world we navigate in an electronic
text. Virtual architectures call for a reunion of the mind and body in
space-time to heal the rift that has existed since René Descartes tore them
asunder. The text like the body rejects Cartesian dualism because the
text-as-body and the body-as-text write themselves and their archi-traces
as fluid expressions of the experiential and aesthetic realms.

	This kind of virtual architecture is an embodied fiction in both
cyberspace and the new media arts that inhabits a metaphysical dimension, a
dimension that allows us to insert ourselves -- like we do into memories.
Both Marcos Novak and Elisabeth Grosz call for an architecture of excess
for virtual space, one not contained or confined by the physical laws of
the real. Architecture of excess is a term that has traditionally been used
to describe imaginary architectures like Giovanni Battista Piranesi's
prisons, the Carceri d'Invenzione, or Hieronymous Bosch's visions of Hell.
Alternatively, Paul Virilio believes that there can no longer be
architectures of excess in a virtual age because we have moved into the
realm of 'post-architecture.' Paul Lunenfeld uses the term 'hybrid
architecture' to describe incursions of the virtual in real space, and
Marcos Novak uses the terms 'liquid architecture' and 'TransArchitecture'
to describe the new structures of and intrinsic to cyberspace. Once
architecture ceases to be material, there is nowhere to go but into virtual
constructs. Media theorists Mark Taylor and Esa Saarinen call the new
virtuality 'electrotecture.' Electrotecture, they say, blurs the boundaries
between building and builder, between programme and programmer, between
time and space. This latter term is perhaps the most useful and descriptive
terminology for constructs inhabiting the digital domain. Such an intense
preoccupation with architectures demonstrate that structures have not been
left behind as Virilio's term suggests, but instead have indeed been
redefined as more fluid, flexible, multiple, hybrid and complex, in part
through the interpolation of the dimension of time as a living system into
their forms.

	In virtual space, unlike Piranesi's Carceri, electrotectures are
infinite. The fold or the click is the systemic in the expanding
materiality of the somatic rooms of the interface. Unfoldings are dynamic
acts, the process of navigation in information space, and traces of
archi-writing contained therein. Unfoldings are both cartographic form and
behavioural dynamic, active motion and embodied context. They are
ultimately both the space of our interaction with the surface of the
interface and our interactive engagement with the mnemonic gestures they
represent and contain. Always operating within the framework of the visual,
unfoldings are an irreducible element -- gesture and membrane, link and
rupture -- between sensible codes.

	You are invited to submit your own interactive new media unfoldings
to a show in the Arts District of the city of Edmonton, Canada in February
2003. Preference will be given to original electronic works created
specifically for this exhibit, but previously exhibited works will be
considered. Submissions may be web-based or on CD-ROM or other portable
media for on-site display in a public venue.
	The deadline for electronic or snail mail submissions dated no
later than 15 December 2002. Send the work and/or its link along with a
300-word abstract, biographical details, c.v. and/or website URL to:

Carolyn Guertin, Curator
Department of English
University of Alberta
3-5 Humanities Centre
Edmonton AB T6G 2E5


Please do not send works as e-mail attachments.



The Weir Farm Trust (Wilton, CT) is a non-profit arts organization that works in partnership with the National Park Service at Weir Farm National Historic Site.  Weir Farm NHS was the home and workplace of American Impressionist painter, J. Alden Weir and is the only historic site in the nation where the domestic and creative milieus of a prominent 19th c. American artist remain intact.  The artist-in-residence facility is available for one artist at a time, or 2 artists may apply as a collaborative team.  All visual artists are eligible.  Residencies are 2 weeks to 1 month long.  Selected artists are provided with a 25x40' studio, a furnished apartment, and a $500/month stipend (prorated for less time).  Conveniently located near commuter train to NYC (60 miles away).  Send SASE for application or visit website.


contact: Meghan Scanlon, Program Manager

postal: 735 Nod Hill Road, Wilton, CT 06897

tel: 203-761-9945

email: <mailto:mscanwft@optonline.net>mscanwft@optonline.net

web: <http://www.nps.gov/wefa/home.htm>www.nps.gov/wefa/home.htm

deadline: January 15 and July 15

from artservis

Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Datum dogodka: 25-27th June 2003
Keele University
Gender, Work and Organisation Conference 2003
Call for abstracts!
Keele University
Clare Dunster
tel: +44 (0) 1782 584 281
fax: +44 (0) 1782 584272

Paris, France
Association Française d’Action Artistique – French Association of Artistic Action (AFAA)
tel: +33 1 5369 8300
fax: +33 1 5369 3300

Montreal, Canada
Datum dogodka: 2003-2004
Articule, Montreal
Twice a year, articule invites local, regional, national and international artists, groups of artists and curators to submit exhibition proposals.
4001, rue Berri, #105
H2L 4H2 Montréal (Québec)
tel: 514.842.9686
fax: 514.842.2144

Deadline: November 1, 2002
Media artists (including visual, installation, performance art) and composers
Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, New Works Residencies 2003, New York City, NY 

HARVESTWORKS DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS CENTER New Works Residencies 2003 Deadline Friday, November 1, 2002. 

Media artists (including visual, installation, performance art) and composers are invited to submit projects to produce a new work in our production studios. Sophisticated technical skills are not required. New works may include the recording and mastering of a surround sound piece, the creation of a new web art work, development and production of a CD-ROM or live interactive music performance system, recording and mastering an audio CD; editing a videotape, soundtracks for film/video, theater and/or dance. The projects should reflect a production schedule with a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 60 hours studio time. 

There are up to 12 residencies available with two alternates selected in the event any resident artists cannot participate. The residencies will take place at Harvestworks and will include access to three suite professional studio, full time engineer, tape and other materials. Priority will be given to the creative use of the Harvestworks' production facility and the innovative use of sound and/or picture. Two of these residencies will be in collaboration with Engine27, for the creation of new multi-channel sound installation works. 

Upon completion and presentation of the project the resident artists receive a $700 stipend. 

Number of residencies
up to 12 

The Artist in Residency (AIR) program is designed to assist individual working artists and their collaborators. Groups and ensembles are not eligible. Only new work proposals are accepted. Proposals that document an existing work are not eligible. Students who are currently enrolled in a university are not eligible. AIR recipients from the past 2 years are not eligible to apply this year. Applicants must reside in the U.S. Emerging artists and artists of color are encouraged to apply. 

For additional information and an application form please visit our website at 


Questions can be directed to Hans Tammen (212-431-1130 / hanst@harvestworks.org 

There is no application fee. 

Deadline: November 15, 2002
Artists Residencies
Custom House Artists Studios Limited, County Mayo, Ireland 

The Custom House Artists Studios Limited has been established to support and promote the visual Arts in Westport and throughout Co Mayo, Ireland. It is located at the Old Custom House building at the Quay in Westport Co Mayo. 

West port is located on the Atlantic west coast of Ireland. The area has a rich cultural and historical heritage with a strong tradition of Artistic support. 

Extensive renovations are now completed through a partnership involving the Westport Artists Studio Group, Westport Town Council, Mayo Co Council, the Department of Arts Sport and Tourism of The Irish Government, and the Westport community as a whole. 

The Studios accommodate 7 Artists Studios, together with a print studio and a visual Arts Gallery. Artists are now invited to submit proposals for residency at the Studios in 2003. Six of the Studios are to be occupied for a one year period. One studio is set aside for shorter stays, to be negotiated by interested Artists and the Customhouse Studios. 

The gallery space located on the ground floor has good daylight and is approximately 28ft long x 17ft wide and 9 ft high. The Custom House Artists Studios are now inviting applications for exhibitions at their gallery at the Quay Westport Co. Mayo for 2003. 

Please send letters of interest, CVs and documentation of work to 

John Mc Hugh
Custom House Studios
The Quay
Co. Mayo.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 15 November 2002. 

Deadline: December 6, 2002
Artists, architects, designers, and collaborative teams
Redesign space at Art in General, New York City, NY 

Open Competition 

Submissions Due December 6, 2002 

Art in General, a nonprofit arts organization in Lower Manhattan, is launching a renovation project. "What could this art center look like in the future? Ideally, Art in General's space would kinesthetically express the organization's commitment to experiential as well as intellectual learning." 

They have announced an open competition to redesign space at Art in General. The winners artists, architects, designers, and/or collaborative teams will participate in an exhibition of proposals in the Main Gallery. Then one of those participants will be invited to helpguide a major renovation project at Art in General. 

Complete details are available at http://www.artingeneral.org (click on "resources for artists") 


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