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We are very pleased to present a new installment of Do It, an online
project curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist at our site: http://www.e-flux.com

This new edition includes more than 30 artists' instructions on many
useful subjects ranging from how to "Bring About Regime Change in the
United States by January 5, 2003", or "How to build a polycarbonate house.
(16 square meters. kitchen/living, patio, sleeping room, toilet.)", to
"How to obtain one kilogram of high quality cocaine in twenty steps with
the best economy of materials)", as well as many other works by 23
artists, including:

I=F1aki Bonillas, Jay Chung, Ulises Carri=F3n, Chicks on Speed, Tacita Dean=
Wilson Diaz, Trisha Donnelly, Heri Dono, Tim Etchells/Forced
Entertainment, Julius Koller, Hassan Khan, Soo Ja Kim, Erik van Lieshout,
Jorge Macchi, Feng Mengbo, Val=E9rie Mr=E9jen, Robert MacPherson, Lygia Pap=
Xavier Le Roy, Tobias Rehberger, Joe Scanlan & Co., Tino Sehgal, and
Brigata Tognazzi.

In the Notes section of the Do It site we are pleased to present new
interviews with Yoko Ono and Mel Bochner, and a special feature on Ulises
Carrion, a Mexican artist whose restrospective exhibition is currently on
view at the Museo Carrillo Gil.

If you happen to be reading this month's Artforum, don't miss a special
feature about Do It at e-flux: Try This at Home, by Sarah K. Rich

PS. Visit the site again next week to see many new interpretations of the
instructions by our audience!

Electronic Flux Corporation


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