[artinfo] Invisible Threat - Call for applications

jaka zeleznikar jaka@jaka.org
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 17:27:17 +0100

Break 2.2 Festival (previously called Break 21 Festival) is an international 
art festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, that presents young emerging artists with 
orientation towards urban, technologically supported arts and intermedia 
artistic practices that are perceived as current avantgarde.

The date of the next, 7th festival, is June 17-28, 2003. It will also present some special 
guests (world-acclaimed artists) with the aim of establishing an innovative 
dialogue with the young emerging artists. Its important component will also be 
a symposium on the chosen festival theme ('Invisible Threat') with lectures by 
invited artists and scientists from different fields.

Break 2.2 Festival is organised by Zavod K6/4, non-profit cultural institution 
from Ljubljana, that produces, organises and promotes contemporary creativity. 

Call for applications is open till January 15, 2003; for futher information, 
see web page: http://www.break-festival.org.