[artinfo] CFront 2000 Book out now - presentation on 6 December in Zurich

Adele Eisenstein adele@c3.hu
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 12:31:28 +0100

>From: Dimitrina Sevova <sevo@kein.org>
>Subject: [spectre] CFront 2000 Book out now - presentation on 6 December=20
>in Zurich
>Dear friends and colleagues,
>After a long period of preparation, we are happy to be able to present the
>CFront 2000 Book, a trans-Balkanian intervention in media space.
>Communication Front 2000
>/international project of electronic and media art and culture/
>Crossing Points East-West
>Curators: Dimitrina Sevova, Emil Miraztchiev
>Selection of texts and editing: Dimitrina Sevova, Alain Kessi
>ISBN 954-90880-1-4
>The book will be presented to the public by Dimitrina Sevova, Alain Kessi
>and Emil Miraztchiev in the context of the "Konsequenz" project curated by
>Frederikke Hansen in Shedhalle in Zurich, Switzerland, on 6 December (see
><http://www.shedhalle.ch>; information about our workshop there to follow
>The Communication Front project has grown over the years in a broader
>context of media art, of net activisim, of mailing lists, meetings and
>projects that allowed, outside the Art World System, informal contacts and
>friendships between media artists, theorists and activists from East and
>West. This communication context today presents itself in rather different
>form. If at its beginnings, it has grown as a community of people feeling
>part of a common movement and endeavor, now the channels of communication
>that were the backbone of this community have turned into more open=
>of information flow. The media landscape is changing dynamically, new
>tendencies are emerging, while others have become history.
>The context of this process, especially with regard to the East-West axis
>that has always played an important role in it, is the broad topic of the
>CFront 2000 Book. The deliberately eclectic selection of texts in the book
>ranges from strictly theoretical, through anecdotal texts to some fervent
>manifestos or experimental forms that are more characteristic of hypertext
>and the Net. Some texts were written as working materials for CFront 2000,
>the second edition of Communication Front. Others were written after the
>event by participants inspired by the discussions at CFront 2000. And a
>number of other authors who have been part of these processes have been
>invited and have accepted to contribute, either with existing, but not
>widely published texts, some specially reworked for the CFront 2000 Book,=
>with original contributions.
>We would like to thank the authors: Adele Myers (United Kingdom), Alain
>Kessi (Bulgaria/Switzerland), Ana Peraica (Croatia/Netherlands), Andreas
>Broeckmann (Germany), Daniel Smilovski (Bulgaria), Dejan Kr=9Aic (Croatia),
>Dimitrina Sevova (Bulgaria), Dimos Dimitriou (Greece), Donatien Garnier
>(France), Eric Kluitenberg (Netherlands), Geert Lovink
>(Netherlands/Australia), G=FCven Incirlioglu (Turkey), Iara Boubnova
>(Bulgaria), Iliyana Nedkova (Bulgaria/United Kingdom), Jane Brake (United
>Kingdom), Jen Southern (United Kingdom), Jenna Collins (United Kingdom),
>Kayo Terzijski (Bulgaria), Luchezar Boyadjiev (Bulgaria), Melentie
>Pandilovski (Macedonia), Nedko Solakov (Bulgaria), Nina Czegledy (Canada),
>Ravi Sundaram (India), Rupert Francis (Australia/United Kingdom), SNORTER,
>Steve Bradley (USA), Susanna Paasonen (Finland), Tapio M=E4kel=E4=
>Ventsislav Zankov (Bulgaria)
>All the texts in the book are available online at
>We also thank the authors of the texts published in the extended online
>edition: Alexander Brener (Russia/Austria), Jen Southern (United Kingdom),
>Korinna Patelis (Greece/United Kingdom), Luchezar Boyadjiev (Bulgaria),
>Melentie Pandilovski (Macedonia), Rupert Francis (Australia/United Kingdom)
>and Yordan Eftimov (Bulgaria).
>Last but not least, our special thanks go to the Daniel Langlois=
>without whose support the book would never have been published.
>If you'd like to know more about the book, a good place to start is the
>introduction to the book, which you will find at
>With our very best regards,
>Dimitrina & Alain