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Subject: TONIGHT: Global Internet Concert


>Western Front New Music Presents
>SOUND TRAVELS Global Internet Concert
>Paul Plimley & Mei Han with guest musicians from
>New York, Vienna, Melbourne, San Diego, Toulouse & Tokyo
>Webcast live from the H.R. MacMillan Planetarium, Vancouver
>On-line http://www.front.bc.ca/
>Friday, November 15, 7 PM  PST
>Saturday, November 16, 10 AM  PST
>Vancouver pianist Paul Plimley and zheng virtuoso Mei Han join
>improvising musicians in Melbourne, Tokyo, Vienna, New York, Toulouse
>and San Diego via the internet to explore how music can break the sound
>barrier. Set against the planetarium=EDs backdrop of stars, the players
>will connect through live audio streams that mix music and metaphor.The
>numerous challenges of this ambitious project - line delays, differences
>in time zones, and variations in technology - contrast with the utopian
>aspirations that fuel internet hype and mingle with our belief that
>music can communicate across boundaries of language and culture.
>Two different programs will  be presented on November 15 and 16.
>Friday, November 15  7 PM  PST
>SAN DIEGO:  CRCA LIVE WEBSTREAM AT:  http://crca.ucsd.edu/livemedia/
>Centre for Research in Computing in the Arts UCSD
>Jason Robinson
>Engine 27
>Ellery Eskelin
>Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
>Shakuhachi player
>Akikazu Nakamura
>Prepared piano and electronics
>Robin  Fox  & Anthony Pateras
>Saturday, November 16  10 AM  PST
>L=EA Quan Ninh
>Engine 27
>Ellery Eskelin
>Zeiss Planetarium with Orf-Kunstradio
>Electric vionlist
>Mia Zabelka
>DB Boyko
>Tel: 604-876-9343
>Voice: 604-878-7448
>Email: newmusic@front.bc.ca
>The Artists
>Paul Plimley
>Vancouver-based Paul Plimley pianist, composer and improviser has
>received rave reviews from the North
>American and European music press for his numerous recordings and
>festival performances. He has collaborated
>with an illustrious list of musical giants including Cecil Taylor, Derek
>Bailey, Andrew Cyrille, Buell Neidlinger,
>Barry Guy, Lisle Ellis, William Parker, Gerry Hemingway, Susi Ibarra,
>Barre Phillips, George Lewis, Joe Mcphee, Hamid Drake, Mark Dresser,
>Glenn Spearman and Han Bennink, to name a few.
>Mei Han
>Recognized internationally as one of the world=EDs leading virtuosi and
>authorities on the zheng, she has also explored her instrument in a
>contemporary experimental aesthetic that parallels ancient Chinese
>musical traditions.  Also an ethnomusicologist Mei has written numerous
>articles on Chinese instrumental music as well as the zheng entry for
>the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, the world=EDs premiere
>reference book on music.
>Ellery Eskelin
>"Eskelin continues to be the most inventive American tenor player in
>creative music..." Eskelin's recordings have been named in Best of the
>Year critics' polls ranging from the New York Times to DownBeat Magazine
>and the
>The Village Voice.
>Akikazu Nakamura
>Tokyo based, Akikazu Nakamura is a traditional shakuhachi teacher and
>jazz virtuoso. He is renowned for his innovative use of circular
>breathing for shakuhachi, stretching the limits of this ancient
>instrument in ways that few others have.
>Jason Robinson
>Reedist/improviser/composer Jason Robinson is an active member of the
>improvised and popular music scene(s) of the West Coast - leading his
>own "jazz" groups, collaborating in a variety of improvised and
>experimental contexts, and touring as a sideman with a number of groups.
>Robin Fox  & Anthony  Pateras
>Melbourne based Robin Fox & Anthony Pateras take seemingly innocent
>acoustic sources and transmutate them
>into visceral textures and gestures through a chaotic improvisational
>language and realtime processing. Known
>for assaulting pianos in various states of preparation and
>disintegration, music boxes and their voices via contact mics, mac and
>vintage analogue technology, their sound ranges from nondescript
>crunchiness to post-apocalyptic clarity.
>Mia Zabelka
>Electric violinist, multimedia artist and curator Mia Zabelka lives and
>works in Vienna. A three-time winner of the Ars Electronica prize (1988,
>1993, 1994) and winner of the WDR competition for composition, she makes
>music with John Zorn, David Moss, Fernando Grillo, Eliot Sharp, Wolfgang
>Mitterer, Fred Frith and Joe Zawinul as well as working with the DJs
>Gerhard Potuznig, Robin Rimbaud and Electric Indigo, amongst others.
>Zabelka plays an electric violin from ZETA-Systems.
>L=EA Quan Ninh
>Based in Toulouse, France composer and improviser L=EA Quan Ninh
>participates regularly in ensembles that mix
>contemporary acoustic & electroacoustic music, improvisation,
>'performance art', dance, poetry, experimental
>cinema, photography and video. He is a member of the percussion ensemble
>Quatuor H=EAlios, whose repertoire
>includes original works that mix  percussion and new technology.

Carol J. Hobson
New Media Arts Manager
(858) 534-4383, fax: (858) 534-7944