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= emotion + intuition in art + design

an international symposium and festival
9 - 11 May 2003
Tate Modern
London, UK

A collaboration between Central Saint Martins College of Art
& Design
<http://www.csm.linst.ac.uk/> and Tate Modern <http://www.tate.org.uk>

user_mode is an international, multidisciplinary symposium
looking at
interactive art and design practices. It will examine one of
the key
concerns for many creative practitioners - engaging the
emotions of the

Artists, designers and critics frequently refer to
"emotional engagement".
What is meant by this? Is it immersion, rapture, agency,
reflection? This
question is crucial to interactive art and design practice
where the user's
response is sensitive to context and can not only influence
the form and
content of the work but also, in some cases, the future
direction of
technological development. user_mode will aim to locate techniques,
instruments, contexts and terms to provide clearer insight
into this theme.

user_mode will provide an opportunity to hear from
internationally renowned
artists, designers and theorists as well as emerging
practitioners. It is
intended that concerts, performances and drop-in studios
featuring artists,
designers, architects, researchers and technicians
informally presenting
works in progress will complement presentations and panel discussions.

Key contributors will include: Sara Diamond (Director, Media
and Visual Arts
Banff, Canada), Stuart Jones (composer/performer/interactive
sound artist
based in the UK), Lev Manovich (New Media theorist), David
Ross (Director of
the Beacon project New York, and formerly Director of San
Francisco Museum
of Modern Art and The Whitney Museum of American Art) and
Tobi Schneidler
(Architect, Interactive Institute, Stockholm)

___user_mode : thematics

How do you engage and sustain the interest of the
user/visitor/player in an
interactive experience whether it be reflexive architecture, interactive
film, art installation, responsive environment, computer
games, performance,
product, communication or experience design?

Questions for discussion may include: does interactivity
promise a more
profound experience than more traditional responses to art
and design? What
does it add? How is it measured? Does interactive work offer
more than
conventional cinema, theatre, painting or architecture in
emotional terms?
Is there more sense of participation?

user_mode will seek to identify models of emotional
engagement, aiming to
question, extend and rework the most topical of the
categories outlined

- Emotion as content or theme of the work
- Emotion as agency and control
- Emotion as subjective experience
- Emotion as a cognitive and physical process
- Emotion as an element of discovery learning in interactive exhibitions
- Emotion and navigation in architecture
- Emotion and narrative in film
- Emotion and gaming
- Emotion in sound composition and audio environments

___user_mode: submissions

We are now calling for papers from artists, designers, theorists,
technologists, scientists, architects, musicians,
philosophers and others
interested in this field.

The call for papers is aimed at all disciplines that can
contribute to this
discussion. Fresh perspectives will be sought by bringing
together different
disciplines to share their views.

You are invited to submit a short proposal for a 30-minute
visual/audio/verbal presentation in the conference or a
performance or a
studio demonstration. Your proposal should include the following

1. Name
2. Location
3. Contact Details
4. URL (if applicable)
5. 250 word proposal
6. Type of proposal (is it a paper, a studio demonstration
or performance?)
7. 200 word biography

Proposals must be sent via email. Please include: "user_mode
proposal" in
the subject line. The following formats will be accepted:

* plain text format in the body of an email.
* RTF attachments (rich text format)

Support material can be sent via post, if necessary. Please
contact us if
you wish to post support material.


Email proposals to:

Tricia Austin, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design
Email: p.austin@csm.linst.ac.uk


Honor Harger, Tate Modern
Email: honor.harger@tate.org.uk

___user_mode: collaborators

Tate Modern
Tate Modern is Britain's new national museum of modern art.
Housed in the
former Bankside Power Station, Tate Modern displays the Tate
collection of
international modern art from 1900 to the present day. There
is also a full
range of special exhibitions and a broad public programme of events
throughout the year. Tate Modern is committed to education,
and as a new
national museum is determined to seize the opportunity to
pioneer innovative
approaches to education and interpretation. Tate Modern's wide-ranging
public programme includes talks, courses, films, conferences
and symposia
involving artists, critics, writers and academics. user_mode
will be the
latest in a strand of events which explore the context of
culture and

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design 
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design has a
worldwide reputation for
fostering creativity and innovation. The courses and
research activities are
a key part of the international contemporary art world and design
industries. From communication design, industrial design to
fashion design
and performance the college aims to develop practitioners
with agility and
intelligence who question convention, anticipate change and
experiment with
new forms and new technologies. Central Saint Martins
College of Art and
Design is part of the London Institute. user_mode is a
collaboration between
Tate Modern and The School of Graphic and Industrial Design
at Central Saint
Martins College of Art and Design and represents an ideal
opportunity to
develop a deeper understanding of topical themes within a multidisciplinary

Intel Corporation
user_mode is supported by Intel Corporation, the world's largest
manufacturer of microprocessors, also a leading supplier of computer,
networking and communications products.

___user_mode: contacts

Website to be launched in December.

For more information about this event or any other Tate
Modern event, please
see: http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/programmes/events.htm

or contact:
Honor Harger, Webcasting Curator, Interpretation &
Education, Tate Modern
Email: honor.harger@tate.org.uk
PH: (44) 020 7401 5066

For more information about Central Saint Martins College of
Art & Design:

Email: p.austin@csm.linst.ac.uk
URL: http://www.csm.linst.ac.uk