[artinfo] FW: "Lux Gallery" DOES NOT REOPEN

Katherine Green katherine@redleaderindustries.com
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 20:36:09 +0100

Dear All,

I do not work for the Deluxe Gallery, I am an independent curator who is
hiring the space at the Deluxe Gallery. Neither do I work for Keith Watson.
I would never think to trade on the Lux's reputation. The project I am
calling for films for is for a website; details for which can be seen at
www.redleaderindustries.com/deluxe, the films are also being shown in the
windows of the Deluxe Gallery for three days.

I hope this clears up any confusion that you may have.

Best wishes,
Katherine Green

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Dear all,
Before you respond to Katherine Green's call for films to the new Deluxe
Gallery in London, please consider the following!

Kedves mindenki,
Azelott valaszoljatok a Katherine Green meghivasara a Deluxe Galleryhoz
olvasatok a kovetkezot!

Von: Lars Henrik Gass <gass@kurzfilmtage.de>
Datum: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 15:35:37 +0200
 >From: "Ian White" <new_film_shows@hotmail.com>
 >To: new_film_shows@hotmail.com
 >Subject: "Lux Gallery" DOES NOT REOPEN
 >Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 12:25:07 +0000
 >Dear Friends,
 >Gregor Muir has asked me to forward the below announcements, which I am
 >more than happy to do. Please do also feel free to circulate this
 >information to your lists as well if you want to. I unconditionally second
 >Gregor's sentiments and would add my own sense of shock and profound
 >disappointment to his comments.
 >Dear All,
 >I feel compelled to make an announcement regarding a recent e-mail
 >circulated by the Deluxe Gallery which has moved in to the former Lux
 >Gallery premises in Hoxton Square, London. As you may be aware the Lux
 >Gallery, along with the Lux Centre, closed in October 2001.
 >Keith Watson of the new Deluxe Gallery recently circulated a press release
 >stating that the Lux Gallery has reopened and has 'rebranded' itself as
 >Deluxe Gallery. He goes on to say that the new gallery will 'continue in
 >same vein'.
 >In brief, I would like to make it absolutely clear that the Deluxe Gallery
 >has nothing to do with the Lux Gallery. I am truly perplexed at the manner
 >in which an unrelated organisation has sort to trade on the reputation and
 >hard work of others.
 >Yours sincerely,
 >Gregor Muir
 >Former Lux Gallery Curator
 >The Lux gallery, Hoxton Square, London, UK, has re-opened after half a
 >of dormancy.
 >It will be rebranded as DELUXE.
 >The Gallery has been set up by Keith Watson, previously joint owner of
 >Colville Place Gallery, the only gallery in the UK specialising in Digital
 >The new gallery will continue in the same vein, but will also bring
 >a far wider range of work, similar to previous exhib itions and film
 >showings shown at The Lux. Utilising the fantastic projection facilities
 >onto the windows and large open space gallery, DELUXE will work to bring
 >the London and UK public a heady mix of New Media and Digital Art.
 >Where else can it be seen? There is no other gallery specialising in
 >bringing the fantastic work being created digitally to the wider public,
 >apart from the ICA. So therefore this is our task.
 >The gallery opened quietly on June 8th with a party celebrating the
 >fantastic 'Cybesonica' festival. The first exhibition titled 'Cocktail'
 >be on later in June. Exhibiting the work of Kerry John Andrews, Marty St
 >James, Penelope Wakeham, Tony Lopez, & Robert Cohen. A fantastic
 >of large format Digital Art, sound and light installations, Digital video
 >and projections.
 >Just one of many exhibitions in planning which will also bring to the
 >capital some of the great work being created around the country rather
 >just centering on artists from London.
 >Throughout the year there will be a programme of day and evening events
 >(organised By Robert Urquhart and Charlotte Frost), including VJ nights,
 >poetry, lectures on New Media, sound installations, music and video
 >evenings. New cutting edge talent as well as established artists.
 >Update your readers, on this important announcement, address books, and
 >mailing lists.
 >Keith Watson
 >Gallery and Creative Space
 >2-4 Hoxton Square
 >Temp phone number: 020 7436 1330
 >email: keith@deluxe-arts.org.uk

 >from the desk of:

Dr. Lars Henrik Gass
Festival Director / Managing Director

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen gGmbH
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Grillostr. 34
D-46045 Oberhausen

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