[artinfo] MadCat Film Festival Entry Deadline Approaching

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Wed, 05 Jun 2002 21:49:51 +0200

"MadCat isn't just a women's film festival - it's an arty showcase of
avant-garde experimental shorts that veer far from the traditional
modes of storytelling." -Seattle Weekly

The MadCat Women's International Film Festival
is currently seeking cutting edge experimental and independent
films/videos of all lengths and genres - produced any year for our
Sixth Annual Festival. Go to www.somaglow.com/madcat for an entry form
and more information about MadCat. Final Deadline for submissions is June
20, 2002.

The Sixth annual MadCat Film Festival will take place September 6-29 at
Artists Television Access and El Rio in SF and the Pacific Film Archive
in Berkeley, CA.

Please pass this information onto other film and videomakers you know.
Thank you. MadCat Film Festival www.somaglow.com/madcat. If you have
already entered MadCat - we will be notifying filmmakers in July and
August. Thanks for your patience.
*WATCH OUT for the MadCat RETROSPECTIVE at the Bay Area LadyFest July

MadCat Film Festival selected as one of the "101 Reasons Why We Love
the Bay Area." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Best Film Festival [That Still Caters to the Underground] You probably
won't discover the next big commercial thing at the MadCat
International Women's Film Festival. For those of you looking for that
kind of relief, MadCat delivers. The films are top-notch; they're so
creative, in fact, that you wonder why all movies aren't made for the
art of it. Offering content that only women can provide, MadCat takes
the show on the road each year, but Ariella Ben-Dov started it all in
San Francisco." -SF Bay Guardian

MadCat Women's International Film Festival

We are proud to present our Sixth year promoting evocative films and
videos from around the world. MadCat is committed to showcasing women
film and videomakers who challenge the use of sound and image and
explore notions of visual story telling. MadCat sets itself apart from
other women's festivals by curating its programs thematically and thus
accepting a range of films about many different issues.  So send us

MadCat has established a strong reputation for programming series of
acute and insightful films you'd be hard pressed to see anywhere else.
The national magazine Art Papers says of the fest "As a genre, as a
space for talking about, documenting, dramatizing, and inventing
ourselves on camera, women's filmmaking can only grow and improve
through ambitious events like MadCat."

On The Road Again...

MadCat not only screens films in its home-town of San Francisco,
California-we also take a portion of the show on the road! We are
currently looking for venues, art houses, Universities, and Museums
around the United States and Internationally to screen our 2001 show!
Please let us know if you have any suggestions or contacts. For more
information regarding our current tour please call or email us or visit
our website www.somaglow.com/madcat

**We need your support...Please send us your tapes and/or pass this
entry form along to a friend!**

Sixth Annual

MadCat is seeking innovative and challenging works directed by Women.
MadCat features experimental, avant-garde and independent works by
from around the world. All lengths and genres will be considered.  Film
and Videos may be produced ANY year.


Formats:        Preview: 1/2" NTSC standard preferred.  Exhibition
formats: 35mm, 16mm, Super 8 film, Beta, and 3/4", & VHS

Entry Fee:      $US10-30 per entry-make. checks payable to MadCat Film
(pay what you can afford!) International entrants disregard the entry

Mailing info:   Send entries to MadCat Film Festival 639 Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA 94117 USA

Questions:      Phone (415) 436-9523, fax: (415) 934-0642 or
email: alionbear@earthlink.net. website: www.somaglow.com/madcat

Deadline:      Final Deadline For Entries must
be Postmarked by June 20th, 2002.
International entries must be received by June 20, 2002.
Please send your entry/entries as soon as possible!

MadCat Women's International Film Festival
Entry Form  (Please type or print clearly and re-format in WORD)

Director's Name:
Entrant/Prod. Company:
State:                                  Zip:
Phone:                          Fax:                            Email:
Title of Work
Brief Description (2 or 3 sentences)

Original Format:                        Screening Format:
        Running Time:

B/W               Silent                Year Completed:

   Color                   Sound         Country of Production:

Would you like to be considered for this year's touring program?
Do you have contact info for any venues, art houses, universities,
and/or  museums we might contact?
If we didn't track you down how did you hear about MadCat??

Must include
*A one page or less description of film or video
*A Self Addressed Stamped Envelope if you would like your materials
* Please do not send tapes in fiber filled envelopes as the dust damages
VCR's and tapes.
* A Self Addressed Stamped Post Card if you would like confirmation of
receipt of your materials. No calls please.
*List of screenings (if any)
*Publicity materials and B/W film stills (optional)
*Entry fee $

I hereby allow WiseGirl Productions and MadCat Film Festival to preview
my work.
I understand that MadCat, although they take every precaution can not
responsible for loss or damage of entry materials.


MadCat 639 Steiner Street San Francisco, CA 94117 USA
Ph. (415) 436-9523 Fax: (415) 934-0642 Email: alionbear@earthlink.net