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[d]vision 2002
/// digitalBIEDERMEIER: re/producing the private ///
 From 27th November until 1st December 2002 [d]vision, the Vienna
Festival For Digital Culture presents once again a diverse cross section
of contemporary media culture. A conference, an exhibition and
filmscreenings are exploring new approaches to the topic of private and
public sphere in digital age.
::Call For Proposals
With digitalBIEDERMEIER, [d]vision launches for the first time a call
for entries for the conference part of the event. From 27.11.2002 to
1.12.2002 we will ask Scholars from various disciplines to discuss, in
English or German, some of the questions imposed by the general topic.
Please visit our website for more info: http://2002.dvision.at
::Call For Entries - Film/Video/Multimedia
[d]vision is looking for artists, who provide digital film, video,
CD-ROM or webprojects focussing the topics of public privacy:
private/public surveillance, media-cocooning, intelligent houses and
ambient technologies, new frontiers in digital age, digital and
analogous migration, etc.
Documentaries, fictions and shorts are welcome. Amateurfilm is an
important topic, too. So don't hesitate to send your video diary.
::[d]vision is an international forum for mediatheory, digital film,
video and expanded media such as CD-ROM, DVD and the Internet. [d]vision
is exploring the media void and is bringing up important issues for the
competent discourse in media society. [d]vision - Festival For Digital
Culture presents contemporary trends and issues in mediaculture in an
independent festival for young professionals and the creative class in
Vienna / Austria.
check out our digitalBIEDERMEIER website
and download the application form: