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Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:44:02 +0100

Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:53:00 -0800
From: "Miltos Manetas" <m@manetas.com>

Concept Origin: miltos manetas

Organized by electronicorphanage.com and michelethursz.com

Powered by newstoday.com , supported by archinect.com ,bkyn.com

special thanks : michael ress for "turntable"

List of curators/writers, organizations who are inviting artists: Jan Aman,
Andreas Angelidakis,Archinect.com, Stefano Chiodi , Joshua Decter, Laurence
Dreyfus, Alex Galloway,Paul Groot,Patrick Lichty ,Peter Lunenfeld, Lev
Manovich , Magda Sawon, NewsToday.com, Hans Ulrich Obrist ,Marisa Olson,
Michele Thursz, Roosavelt Savage, Philippe Vergne, Olivier Zahm and Purple
Magazine .

Opening: March 05, 06 ,07 2002

is a website and an exhibition that will open in contemporary with the

20 U-Haul trucks , their back door open and transformed to a screen ( a
computer and a projector will be installed  inside each of them), will
circle around the Whitney Museum for the 2 nights of the Whitney party (
March 05, 06) and for the day of the opening (March 07th ). Think of
Modrian's Boogie Woogie activated . It will be a super parasite: a snake
against a cow. A cow, as well as the institutional show, is large, slow and
shortsighted, instead a snake is fast, clever and experimental.

The WHITNEYBIENNIAL.COM, will be an adventure: the most important
international artists -but also designers, Internet geniuses and
architects, are invited to contribute a Flash piece. It can be either an
art work or their logo . Film previews are today usually better than the
actual films : the WHITNEYBIENNIAL.COM will be a collage of previews.

All pieces, will be included in the "Turntable".This is an application that
Michael Rees offered to the Whitneybiennial.com .Each "Turntable", is
pre-loaded with up to 6 flashes : it uses them as samples and the user,
like a visual DJ can make his/her composition online. The visitor can
change the colors of the background , make the flash larger or smaller,
transparent or opaque etc."Turntable", is a revolutionary tool, because it
opensources material and makes even from closed works a work in progress.
To see a Demo of a "turntable", and to see some pictures of
"turntable"activity,  here : http://www.whitneybiennial.com/turntable

Detail: people can submit more than one piece.

About the Deadline : the opening of the show ( March 05 -06-07) will only be
an "opening" and not a deadline.

We prefer of course to receive projects before that day, so they will be
included at the 20 U-haul trucks, but people are welcome to continue send
stuff : the real location of the show anyway, is the Web. Because we are
receiving lots of boring stuff, we decide to setup a page where creators can
judge the different  pieces and assign to them a diamond (for great pieces),
a bone ( for ""who cares"" pieces) and a scull ( for bad pieces). Only
creators ( and theoreticians invited) will be able to vote in that page, but
after the opening, the visitors of the page will be free to
submit pieces and if the pieces will be accepted, the visitors also become
creators and therefore they can vote. Now, if a piece collects only bones ,
it will be deleted, instead if it collects up to 3 diamonds or sculls , it
stays. In this way, we hope to get rid from works that nobody wants to see

Question : Why shall they all do a Flash animation ?

Answer : It is an experiment : we believe that as Peter Lunenfeld writes at
the KLM theory, "Flash is today's Pop". In fact , Flash is an easy
technology which lets you draw a cartoon or a logo, animate it and even
make it interactive: the user will click on it and the cartoon(or logo
)will reply. It brings together all other forms of art such as photography,
written text, movies and drawing in such a way that makes contemporary art
of the past century look like a proud grandfather: Flash is, again
according to Mr. Lunenfeld , "PoliTech, the irrepressible joy and lightness
of being digital after the boom economy has gone bust." It is also
scalable, that means that you can display it on different dimensions
without any loss of quality. With very little budget and in a short time,
you can do something that looks better than any "art video" : it relates
the real space as well as it relates to the Internet and substitutes any
need for heavy duty art installations. The only thing!
hat you cannot do with Flash, is to put a dead cow in a glass box , but who
does want to do that anymore ?

More info/submit  : info@WHITNEYBIENNIAL.COM

visit also : biennale.net , the Internet section of the Tirana Biennial ,
curated by Miltos Manetas and the ElectronicOrphanage