[artinfo] Maid in Cyberspace 06 - call for papers

karen wong programmation@studioxx.org
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 11:23:05 +0100

	Maid in Cyberspace Festival 06
	Active Agent / Radicale libre
	Call for Submissions - Critical Essays
The Maid In Cyberspace Festival - held annually in Montreal, Canada - is=
 seeking submissions for its publication. The 6th edition of the festival=
 will take place between February 4 - 8, 2003 and is an international=
 cyberfeminist event featuring contemporary Web art works, installations,=
 performances and conferences. Essay submissions should be between 4-5 pages=
 in length (1000 - 1250 words) and inkeeping with the theme of the event=
 (please see below).
	Deadline : January 3rd, 2003
=46or further information or to submit texts, please contact Karen Wong at 	=
In the politico-geographical arena, heavily charged with oppressive=
 discourses, how does one raise courageous and bold voices, voices which=
 dare and act in the drifts of cyberspace? How does one practice=
 resistances, not according to parameters imposed by others, but by those=
 originating from the ingenuity of individuals and networks, based upon a=
 necessary and critical solidarity, and a desire to counter domineering=
 dogmas and regimes? In continuity with its critical investigations on women=
 and their appropriation of technologies, Studio XX focuses on subversive=
 acts by 'intelligent agents' and cultural hackers who push for original=
 languages in order to redefine the stakes in question.
=46rom such acts come questions on notions and protocols of access, the=
 numerous strategies that women use to invest virtual spaces and to impose=
 their own realities. The possibilities evoked in the proposed examinations=
 include programming languages, hacking, frontiers, privilege, open source,=
 accessibility and transgression.
There is also question of alternative customs and uses, nonetheless valuable=
 and born out of the economic divide which widens increasingly; localised=
 strategies which mix into the composition of immediate, polymorphic and=
 planetary phenomenas. Living flux and new alliances, mobile in the magma of=
 active data, behind which we discover these operators, resolutely insolent,=
 active agents, radical and free.