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submission deadline: January 15, 2003

Break 2.2 Festival (previously called Break 21 Festival) is an international art festival that presents young emerging artists with orientation towards urban, technologically supported arts and intermedia artistic practices that are perceived as current avantgarde. The date of the next festival is June 17-28, 2003. It will also present some special guests (world-acclaimed artists) with the aim of establishing an innovative dialogue with the young emerging artists. An important component of the festival is also the symposium with lectures by invited artists and scientists from different fields on the chosen theme.

The festival is organised by Zavod K6/4, non-profit cultural institution from Ljubljana, Slovenia, that produces, organises and promotes contemporary creativity.

Each year, the festival presents a specific theme which we find important but not adequately discussed in our society. The one chosen for the up-coming festival is "Invisible Threat".

Categories of the festival are: visual arts (comics, graphic prints, digital prints, photographs, interactive works, visual communication - "subvertising", computer-assisted art - from web art to robotics); performing arts; intermedia arts; moving pictures (films of all categories: documentaries, fiction, video art, animated films, experimental films, short films); music and sound (concerts, sound installations and intermedia performances in which sound holds the priority); architecture; applied arts; and culinary arts.

Forms of presentation include 2D exhibitions, installations and ambients, performances, actions, concerts and sound installations, fashion shows, lectures, round tables, projections and food preparation.

There are no special conditions to participate in the festival besides quality of the project and its correspondence with the chosen theme. Since "young emerging artists" is a relative concept, we leave it up to the artists themselves to decide whether or not they fit under this label. However, only art works created in the period of the last ten years will be considered.

The expenses we will provide for are mainly those connected to presentation of selected art works at the festival (costs of production of these works are not included). We can also assure accomodation and food for three days for each selected artist. However, only those artists, whose presence is absolutely crucial for presentation of their project, will have their travel expenses reimbursed. What we can also do is help the artists apply for grants to their embassies and different foundations.

- Application material will not be returned and the costs of its submission are to be covered by the sender.
- All necessary documents for temporary export/import of exhibition requisites and objects (ATA Carnet) should be assured by the authors themselves in co-operation with their local institutions.
- To avoid import tax when sending VHS cassettes and CDs, it is necessary to enclose documents, from which it is evident that the material is not intended for commercial use. For any necessary letters of confirmation, please contact the organiser.

All applying artists, who have their art projects well-presented on the Internet or can send adequate promotional material by e-mail, do not need to send any additional material by regular mail. In any case, the application procedure requires filling out the on-line application form first. Those, who will be sending additional material (i.e. video cassette, CD-rom etc.) by regular mail, should make sure that, besides the sender's name and address, project title is also marked on the package, which is to be sent to:

Zavod K6/4
Break 2.2 Festival
Kersnikova 6
1000 Ljubljana

The festival program and its locations will be announced on this web site shortly after the selection (presumably in the end of February 2003). All applying artists will also be notified about the decision concerning their application personally. Complete program will include art projects by some special guest artists and lectures at the symposium.

Reports on festival events (including photos) will also be accessible on this web site during and after the festival.

For further inquiries, please write to: info@break-festival.org- or contact the festival staff.

The Digital Showcase - Call For Submissions for December

Following the successful November* launch of the Digital Showcase, ICA's
monthly open submission platform for new media work, we invite you to submit
work for the December event.

The Digital Showcase series aims to provide a platform for artists to
present new works produced using digital tools. Selected works will be
showcased at the ICA Cinema on the 14th of December. The screening will be
punctuated by artist presentations and discussions with the audience.

Works should not exceed 10 minutes in length and must be sent on one of the
following formats: VHS, SVHS, miniDV (pal), Beta, BetaSP. Please do not send
showreels - we will only consider the first piece on the tape unless you
specify which piece you want us to view.

Deadline: 6pm Thursday 12th December 2002

further information: linar@ica.org.uk

Send work to: 

Lina D. Russell
The Digital Showcase (december)
New Media Department
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH
(already submitted woks can be viewed online)
Subject of the "Machinista 2003" international festival is the new interaction of machinic and human in art and culture. 
Prize fund is growing and for October 2002 is 25 thousand rubles.

from artservis

Bucharest, Romania
The Museum of Contemporary Art
8th issue of the journal ARTELIER - Contemporary Art from the Balkans
Devoted to contemporary art from the Balkans, and more specifically to the sudden interest of important international curators and art institutions for this region.
Until recently, arts from the Balkans have been relegated to a cultural blur, in favour of other, more spectacular sites of exoticism.
Call for theoreticians:
Artelier will strive to answer the questions "What is Balkanic art? Is such a notion legitimate or operational?" from a range of perspectives, interrogating both self-representation and the conceptual framework underlying a significant number of international exhibitions of contemporary art.
If you have knowledge of artists or art groups whose work involves the issue of Balkanic art, or if you wish to contribute an article to our publication, please email!
Call for artists:
Our inquiry stems from the surprisingly large number of exhibitions devoted to emerging trends in the region, which attempt to define the Balkans as a homogenous, however exotic, entity, producing art that is passionate, bloody, visually aggressive and fundamentally melancholic (due to political, historical and economic factors).
How should the artists from the Balkans react to this demand for exoticism and homogeneity?
We would like to document various perspectives on the subject, so please answer the following two questions:
Do you believe there is a aesthetic specificity of contemporary art coming from the Balkans? Is your work influenced by the Balkanic cultural model?
Feel free to react to the general framework of our questions, to give examples of your work and attach 3-4 images in jpeg format, to cross borders, and to forward this questionnaire to other artists or theorists in the region.
The deadline for the answers is the 20th of December. Please send your contribution via email.
Rok prijave: 20/12/02
Mihnea Mircan
San Diego, USA
SIGGRAPH 2003 Art Gallery
Celebrating the Creative Spirit
In honor of the conference's 30-year anniversary, the Art Gallery will return to its roots with an emphasis on digital prints, sculpture, and the growing impact of digital video and animation.
SIGGRAPH 2003 Art Gallery Chair
Lund, Sweden
Datum dogodka: 19-24 august 2003
Lund University, Centre for Gender Studies
5th European Feminist Research Conference - Gender and Power in the New Europe: intersections of ethnicity, class, disability, sexualities and generations.
Please feel free to share your ideas, suggestions and requests with us. We are especially interested in ideas regarding themes for workshops and round table discussions, speakers etc!
Please also share with us suggestions for spreading information - to individuals, websites and electronic discussion lists! 
The new on-line submission pages will be available by January 2003. You are welcome to indicate your interest in submitting an abstract or workshop proposal now on this page. 
- abstracts of completed, in-progress or proposed research as well as case studies, reports and analyses of teaching Women’s Studies. (Not longer than 300 words). 
- workshop proposals. Workshop proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the potential interest for participants, their relevance to the general workshop themes and availability of time. Workshops will last approximately 90 minutes.
Rok prijave: 01/02/03
Lund University, Centre for Gender Studies
5th Feminist Research Conference
Box 117
S-221 00 Lund
Sao Paulo, Brasil
Datum dogodka: 3. - 13. 4. 2003
It's All True International Documentary Festival
8th edition

It's All True International Documentary Festival
Rua Euclides de Andrade, 55
CEP 05030-030 Sao Paulo SP
tel: 55 11 3673-1267
fax: 55 11 3873-7296
Chicago, USA
Datum dogodka: March 27-30 2003
Select Media and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Version>03 a.digital.arts.convergence, technotopia vs technopacalypse
exploring the multitudes of technology, society, arts, activism and culture - Specifically we are seeking: Workshop proposals, Performance proposals, Panel proposals, New media Installations, Papers/articles, Visual arts work that relates to the themes
Rok prijave: 15/01/03
ed marszewski
960 w 31st street
60608 chicago ill
OPPORTUNITY: Hill End Artists in Residence Program 2003
Deadline: 6 December, 2002 

The program has been successfully run as a collaborative project between Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW National Parks and Wildlife service and curator Gavin Wilson since 1999. Artists working in all media are invited to apply for the fifth season of residencies at Haefliger's Cottage, Hill End. 

Find out more at www.hillendart.com or contact the Gallery on 02 6331 6066
CALL FOR WORKS: NAP Biennial Video Featival
Deadline: 16 December, 2002

The festival is open to all videomakers. Selected winners will have public screenings in four or more metropolitan areas including NYC, Philadelphia, Leigh Valley in gallery settings. Documentary, experimental, narrative. $30/entry. 

Find out more at www.napconn.org
CALL FOR WORKS: Cin-ergy Film/Multimedia Festival
Deadline: 20 December 2002.

Part of the Sustainable Living Festival, cin-ergy is a three-day program of film and multimedia to be staged at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in February 2003. The Festival invites Australian multimedia and film producers to submit work that creates a 'cin-ergy' between the environment, society and culture. 

Find out more at www.sustainablelivingfestival.org or email 
CALL FOR WORKS: The Melbourne Queer Film Festival 
Deadline: 23 December, 2002. 

The Melbourne Queer Film Festival is the 2nd largest queer film festival in Australia and exhibits up to 100 features, docos, shorts, and experimental works from Australia and around the world over 10 days. It is the highlight of queer Melbourne's cultural calendar. 
Find out more at www.melbournequeerfilm.com.au or email info@melbournequeerfilm.com.au
CALL FOR WORKS: Hearing Place, Australian Sound Design Project
Deadline: 31 December, 2002

Every place is an acoustic space. Hearing Place is an opportunity to understand and interpret the acoustic domain, in all its forms, local, global and virtual. The Australian Sound Design Project invites you to participate in an exhibition and audiotheque to coincide with the International Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, March 19-23, hosted by the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology (AFAE) and the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. The Symposium is an initiative of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) and the AFAE. Works responding to issues of noise, sound design, environmental ecology and the local environment will be considered. 

Find out more at www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au or email r.bandt@unimelb.edu.au or 
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 2003 Sydney Film Festival
Deadline: 17 February 2003

The Sydney Film Festival, Australia's leading film festival, is now accepting submissions for 2003. Our 50th festival, a showcase of the world's best cinema - approximately 160 new features, documentaries and shorts - will run from 6 to 20 June 2003.

Find out more at <http://www.sydneyfilmfestival.org>http://www.sydneyfilmfestival.org
33. CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2003 Atom Film TV and Multimedia Awards
Deadline: 28 February 2003

The ATOM Awards recognise excellence in Film, TV and Multimedia and are open to students, industry practitioners, educational bodies and educational producers. The awards place particular emphasis on documentary, new media productions, short film and education/vocational productions. 

Find out more at www.metromagazine.com.au
Emerging Artist Residency
Oregon College of Art & Craft
(Portland OR)

A sixteen week artist residency which includes a $1200 stipend, housing, travel and materials reimbursement up to $500 each, and studio space. Residency for Book Arts and Drawing will occur in Fall '03, Ceramics and Wood in Spring '04. Available to post-graduate artists with less than five years experience as an exhibiting artist.
Application Date: 4/1/2003
Applications are available for downloading from our Website at http://www.ocac.edu 
or by sending self-addressed/stamped envelope to Jr. Residency, Oregon College of Art & Craft, 8245 SW Barnes Road, Portland, OR 97225. 
Davidson Institute for Talent Development
(Reno NV)


For more information about the Davidson Fellows Award, please visit http://www.davidsonfellows.org
or call 775-852-3483 x. 424. Julie Dudley jdudley@ditd.org 775-852-3483 x. 424
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