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Art in General Video Marathon - Call for Entries

Deadline: 28 September

Video Series
Art in General
79 Walker Street
New York NY 10013-3523
Grant Opportunities website

New grant opportunities published in the Official Journal of the European Communities are now on the website.

1st International Conference for Digital Technologies and Performance Arts - CFP
The 1st International Conference for Digital Technologies and Performance Arts held from 27-29 June 2003, aims to explore, debate and demonstrate the potential creative opportunities that can exist between performance arts and digital technologies. The conference is looking for key note speakers, as well as practitioners to run workshops, lecture demonstrations and performance pieces. Interested participants send a short proposal of no more than 300 words to address below. Further details will be available later in the year.
Deadline: 30 September
Dr. David Collins

Waikato Institute of Technology - Artist Residency

A six-week interdisciplinary artist residency has been established at the Waikato Institute of Technology in Hamilton, New Zealand to take place January-March 2003. The residency will be based on a collaborative model to explore the theme of cultural difference and involve up to three artists. The artists will ideally work across different art forms (eg. visual arts, crafts, new media, music, sound design, etc), have experience in production techniques and some experience working in a small group.

Deadline: 20 September

Pulse Field - Call for Works

Composers and sound artists are invited to submit original works for inclusion in the Pulse Field project at Georgia Stage University in Atlanta, Georgia. Selected works will be featured in the project's exhibition, published on the CD Rom and become permanent items in the Pulse Field archive. Appropriate genres include: electroacoustic music, electronic music, experimental music, articulated found sound, acoustic ecology, and sound and image. Submissions must include biography and photo; recordings on DAT, CD, DVD; program notes; and artistic statements of the artist/composer.

Deadline: 15 October


The 5th European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing (EVOIASP2003) will be held 14 April 2003 in Essex, United Kingdom. The conference will provide European and non-European researchers the opportunity to present their latest research and to discuss current developments and applications, as well as fostering closer future interaction between three scientific communities. EVOIASP2003 are seeking papers and topics include: applications of evolutionary computation to real-life IASP problems, evolutionary pattern recognition and hybrid architectures.

Deadline: 20 November

Performance Studies International Conference

The Performance Studies/Theory conference in Asia will examine the 'state of the art' performance theory around the region. Although an initial committee is formed, they are now seeking theatre practitioners and performers in Asia to attend a meeting in Penang to determine the structure and theme of the conference. Participants will present a theoretical direction or stream in 2003, help in designing the content of the 2004 conference and coalesce local participation in their theoretical stream.

Deadline: 4 August

Japan Foundation AIR

Japan Foundation released updated information on artist-in-residence(AIR) programs. It includes a well-summarised list of twenty-seven AIR projects in Japan and links to about 100 international AIR sites.

MAXIMUM INSECURITY - Call for Submissions

Maximum Insecurity is an exhibition for laptop-specific works based on the theme 'Police Culture'. Works from all mediums are sought including: time-based works (performance, web-cast, real-time), video, text-based or audioworks, flatworks and photography, surveillance, sculpture and installation. Venue is TBA, with a reception and announcements provided.

Deadline: 20 August

Malaysian Video Awards (MVA) - Call for Entries

The 7th Malaysian Video Awards is here again. The 5-day MVA Festival strives to create a conducive meeting place for industry professionals and aspiring film makers from Malaysia, ASEAN and other countries, to meet and exchange ideas with one another. The Festival is putting out a call for entries in various categories. There are separate categories for works from ASEAN countries. Short films and experimental works are welcomed. The entry form can be downloaded from the URL listed below.

Deadline: 10 August

Videotage Hong Kong

Subject: Microwave International Media Art Festival - Call for Entries

Microwave International Media Art Festival is calling for video and CD-Rom art works. Send previews with image files, CV and art work synopsis to the address below.

Deadline: 30 September

i am putting together a series of video shows for remotelounge in NYC (next
show jan 12 2003), Los Angeles venue as well. please send video for
consideration, enclose SASE if you would like materials returned. please
forward to anyone who may be interested.
as always,
susan joyce
Fringe Exhibitions
1149 bennett ave
glendora, ca 91741
...HERE NOR THERE... in collaboration with KIBLA MULTIMEDIA CENTER

invite submissions for:

the smallest
film festival
in the world

taking place
in MINIKINO (an installation by Dejan Stampar)
the smallest cinema
in the world
from: 13-20 sept. 2002
at: KIBLA Multimedijski center,
Maribor, Slovenia
The film program will take place in the MINIKINO, and will also include digital
projection screenings of selected films throughout the week.

submission info:

Duration: 1 to 2 minute shorts
Format:  VHSpal, or on CDRom as AVI or Mpeg
(please be aware we may have to make showreels)

DEADLINE: Sept. 10th, 2002.

there is no entry form, please include any relevant information you wish, which may be used in publicity.
submit entries to:

c/o KIBLA,
(please include notification of a return address with a S.A.E. if you wish material to be returned)


Chisinau, Moldova
Datum dogodka: November 2002
Videomarathon (6th edition)
The event presents alternative audiovisual works and is supposed to fill the lack of information in this domain in Moldova.
The [KSA:K] Videomarathon is not a contest or a festival, the works are presented in public, the selection of the works for the screening program is decided by the organizers.
The entrance to the Videomarathon is free.
You are invited to submit your videos to be screened during this visual fiesta taking three days in November when video meets grand public.
If you're a videoartist, a curator or have something to do with videoexpression and are interested contributing to this event - send us a message. We are also looking for theoretical contributions and presentations.
Interested? Contact us!

For more information about the program please contact Marin TUREA from the Center's Video/Multimedia Department.
*We remind you that "The Videomarathon" is not a festival or a contest, it is for the pleasure of our videophiles.
[KSA:K], Center for Contemporary Art
Marin Turea


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Non-academic study
De Ateliers is an independent artists' institute which is run by visual artists. It focuses on the artistic development of young, talented artists from within the Netherlands and abroad.
The monumental building in the center of Amsterdam offers twenty-three spacious studios. These are placed at the disposal of beginning artists who wish to combine intensive self-motivation with critical guidance. Though similar to a post-academic teaching facility, de Ateliers is not an educational institution. Its policy as a foundation is determined by the supervising artists.
The working year at de Ateliers runs from September 1 through May 31. A student may also use his or her studio during the summer months, though there are no studio visits from teachers in June, July and August.
De Ateliers, formerly known as Ateliers '63, was established in Haarlem in 1963 by several visual artists. Dissatisfied with the mass-oriented and formal art education of that time, the initiators aimed to create a structure that would meet the need for beginning artists to have direct contacts with colleagues in a professional working environment.
Under former teaching artists such as Edgar Fernhout, Jan Dibbets, Stanley Brouwn and Carel Visser, de Ateliers has developed into a highly reputed institution where approximately twenty students work, each in a private studio, for a maximum of two years. The permanent staff of teachers makes individual studio visits each Tuesday. Through ongoing discussions about art and artistry, students are challenged to reflect on their own standpoints and make choices that can be crucial to the further development for their work. Since 1993, de Ateliers has been housed in Amsterdam.
Every working year begins with a study tour for all students and teachers. Part of the travel program concentrates on lesser-known sites which are special from an artistic point of view. The study tour includes museums, art institutions, exhibitions, monuments, these involving both ancient and modern art. The trip is also a good opportunity for making acquaintances. De Ateliers covers the cost of travel and lodging.
De Ateliers is open to young artists who are at the beginning of their artistic development. Although de Ateliers does not impose a strict age limit, there is a preference for candidates up to (and including) twenty-seven years of age. They should have a good command of the English language. A completed course of training and professional experience are not required; applications are considered on the basis of visual qualities.
Those interested may apply by submitting a selection of work which provides a good indication of what has been done over the past two years. Should the nature of the work require so, documentation in the form of roughly twenty slides, photographs or videotapes will be accepted.
Please, find more + application form on the website!
It is possible to apply any time one wishes. Those interested in applying may call throughout the year to set a time for bringing in work. During the working year, from September through May, submitted work is evaluated on a weekly basis. Work submitted during the months of June, July and August is evaluated in August. The time of application has no influence on one's chances of being selected. There is no application fee.
The Department of Culture of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences offers a stipend to all students, both Dutch and foreign. De Ateliers organizes the request and grants the yearly allowance in two installments. The stipend covers basic living costs. A period of study at de Ateliers involves no registration or tuition fees.
Stadhouderskade 86
1073 AT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: 0031 20 6739359
fax: 0031 20 6755039
Vir podatka:  Universes in Universe


Vaduz, Liechtenstein
International Music and Art Foundation
Support of worthy arts organizations worldwide.
IMAF makes grants to facilitate the improvement and dissemination of the visual and performing arts, as well as the study and preservation of art and culture from the past.

organizations only!
International Music and Art Foundation
Legal Domicile (Registered Office)
P.O. Box 831
FL-9490 Vaduz
Lüneburg, Germany
Landkreis Lüneburg Fachdienst Schule und Kultur
Artist's residential scholarship at the Künstlerstätte Schloss Bleckede
Scholarship of three, six, nine or eleven months for young artists...
Since 1979 the Künstlerstätte Schloss Bleckede has been seeking to promote young artists who explore innovative positions in the field of contemporary art. Today artists, whose work addresses complex aesthetic, cultural or political issues, rarely find the necessary support to realize their ambitious projects. This is why the Künstlerstätte Schloss Bleckede wishes to offer these artists the opportunity to develop their work in the course of a residential scholarship of three, six, nine or eleven month. The Künstlerstätte Schloss Bleckede offers ideal working conditions.
The historic remise of the castle of Bleckede has been restored and transformed into three studios, each of which provides an extensive work space and a comfortable living area. The castle is located in the nature reserve Elbufer Drawehn close to the river Elbe. The placid environment guarantees an atmosphere of undisturbed concentration. The scholarship includes a monthly grant of two thousand German marks (1022 Euro), which is made available for up to three scholarship holders at any one time, by the state of Lower Saxony.
The city of Lüneburg is not far away. Here the innovative programme of exhibitions and events staged by the Kunstraum of the University of Lüneburg and the halle_für_kunst Lüneburg e.V. allows the participation in the contemporary art world. If required, the facilities of the cultural studies-course at the University of Lüneburg might be used.
Moreover Hamburg and Berlin is within easy reach, both of which have a thriving cultural life. The residential scholarship of the Künstlerstätte Schloss Bleckede is associated with the international exchange program Pépinieres Européenes pour Jeunes Artistes. Previous scholarship winners have included reknown artists like Katharina Sieverding, Lili Fischer, Mariella Mosler and Rupprecht Matthies, Hans-Christian Dany, Nana Petzet and Maki Tamura. The Künstlerstätte Schloss Bleckede is supported by the district of Lüneburg and the state of Lower Saxony. The residential scholarship will be awarded on recommendation of a jury of art professionals.
Landkreis Lüneburg Fachdienst Schule und Kultur
Auf dem Michaeliskloster 4
D-21335 Lüneburg
tel: +49-4131-26-1449
fax: +49-4131-26-1466


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