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Visual artists
Triangle Artists' Workshop 2002, New York City 

DEADLINE May 1 [applications must be received by 5pm on May 15th] 

Triangle Artists' Workshop 2002 in New York City 

The next Triangle Workshop will be held in October 2002. Approximately 30 visual artists from around the world will spend 2 weeks in NYC; lodging, meals, and studio space provided by Triangle. 

Triangle Artists1 Workshop is an intense two-week studio session designed to maximize exchange, stimulate new ideas, and encourage experimentation and dialogue. Triangle is neither an artists1 colony nor a school. Studio spaces are open. Discussion among participants, visiting artists and critics is considered an important part of the experience. Triangle is for professional artists who seek an open environment and dialogue with their peers. 

There is no application fee. To apply visit http://www.triangleworkshop.org 

for application procedures, or email info@triangleworkshop.org 

Deadlines: May 15, 2002; July 1, 2002
Artists - oil, fabric art, works on paper
Exhibitions, (EMPATHY and DETACHMENT) International Society, Tremont Gallery, Boston 


International Society announces two upcoming exhibitions and invites artists to enter. 

Exhibition I. Title of show "Empathy"
Dates of exhibition June 22 to August 10, 2002
Deadline for submission May 10, 2002
Delivery of works June 13-15, 10am - 430pm
Picking up of works Aug. 10-11, 2002 

Exhibition II Title of show "Detachment"
Dates of exhibition Aug. 24 to Sept. 28, 2002
Deadline for submission July 1, 2002
Delivery of works Aug. 15-17, 10am - 430pm
Picking up of works Sept. 28-29, 2002 

Media oil, fabric art, works on paper (2D work) 

Gallery Tremont Gallery, 276 Tremont Street, Boston 

Materials to submit 1. Slides 5 slides in plastic sleeve, clearly labeled with
Artist's name
Title of piece
Date created
2. An artist's statement
3. Resume, including email address and phone number
4. Reviews, newspaper clips (optional)
5. Self addressed stamped envelop if slides are to be returned
6. Entry fee $15 

Please send the materials to
Dr. Doris Chu, Curator/art historian
150 N. Main Street, Sherborn, MA 02116 phone 508-655-7076
email dchu818@aol.com 

Please visit International Society's web site at http://www.internationalsociety.org 

The gallery asks to keep the artist's slides of the pieces selected for the show. 


The titles, Empathy, and Detachment, describe common human feelings. They are open to each individual's interpretation and artistic expression. 

Deadline: June 20, 2002 (deadline extended)
Experimental and independent films/videos of all lengths and genres
MadCat Women's International Film Festival 

The MadCat Women's International Film Festival is currently seeking cutting edge experimental and independent films/videos of all lengths and genres - produced any year for our Sixth Annual Festival. The following is an entry form. You can also obtain an entry form and more information from our web site at www.somaglow.com/madcat. MadCat is touring this spring with a program from last year's festival. Please contact us if you would like to book the touring show now or in the future. 

PLEASE NOTE the Final Deadline for MadCat entries has changed - it is now June 20, 2002. Please spread the word!
Please pass this information onto other film and videomakers you know. Thank you. MadCat Film Festival http://www.somaglow.com/madcat 


MadCat Women's International Film Festival 

We are proud to present our Sixth year promoting evocative films and videos from around the world. MadCat is committed to showcasing women film and videomakers who challenge the use of sound and image and explore notions of visual story telling. MadCat sets itself apart from other women's festivals by curating its programs thematically and thus accepting a range of films about many different issues. So send us your stuff! 

MadCat has established a strong reputation for programming series of acute and insightful films you'd be hard pressed to see anywhere else. The national magazine Art Papers says of the fest "As a genre, as a space for talking about, documenting, dramatizing, and inventing ourselves on camera, women's filmmaking can only grow and improve through ambitious events like MadCat." 

On The Road Again... 

MadCat not only screens films in its home-town of San Francisco, California-we also take a portion of the show on the road! We are currently looking for venues, art houses, Universities, and Museums around the United States and Internationally to screen our 2001 show! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or contacts. For more information regarding our current tour please call or email us or visit our website http://www.somaglow.com/madcat 

**We need your support...Please send us your tapes and/or pass this entry form along to a friend!** 

Sixth Annual

MadCat is seeking innovative and challenging works directed by Women. MadCat features experimental, avant-garde and independent works by women from around the world. All lengths and genres will be considered. Film and Videos may be produced ANY year. 


Formats Preview 1/2" NTSC standard preferred. Exhibition
formats 35mm, 16mm, Super 8 film, Beta, and 3/4", & VHS 

Entry Fee $US10-30 per entry-make. checks payable to MadCat Film Festival (pay what you can afford!) International entrants disregard the entry fee. 

Mailing info Send entries to MadCat Film Festival 639 Steiner Street San Francisco, CA 94117 USA 

Questions Phone (415) 436-9523, fax (415) 934-0642 or email alionbear@earthlink.net 

website http://www.somaglow.com/madcat 

Deadline Early Bird entries April 30th. Late Bird entries must be Postmarked by June 20th, 2002.
International entries must be received by June 20, 2002. Please send your entry/entries as soon as possible! 

MadCat Women's International Film Festival
Entry Form (Please type or print clearly) 

Director's Name                                                
Entrant/Prod. Company 
State                                  Zip 
Phone                          Fax                            Email 
Title of Work 
Brief Description (2 or 3 sentences) 







Original Format                        Screening Format 
       Running Time 
B/W               Silent                Year Completed 
  Color                   Sound         Country of Production 
Would you like to be considered for this year's touring program? 
Do you have contact info for any venues, art houses, universities, 
and/or  museums we might contact? 
If we didn't track you down how did you hear about MadCat?? 
Must include  
*A one page or less description of film or video 
*A Self Addressed Stamped Envelope if you would like your materials 
* A Self Addressed Stamped Post Card if you would like confirmation of 
receipt of your materials. No calls please. 
*List of screenings (if any)  
*Publicity materials and B/W film stills (optional) 
*Entry fee $ 
I hereby allow WiseGirl Productions and MadCat Film Festival to preview 
my work.  
I understand that MadCat, although they take every precaution can not 
be held responsible for loss or damage of entry materials. 

MadCat 639 Steiner Street San Francisco, CA 94117 USA Ph. (415) 436-9523 Fax (415) 934-0642 Email alionbear@earthlink.net