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                            THE DURFEE FOUNDATION

             ARC: ARTISTS' RESOURCE for COMPLETION  grant

        Second Quarter Postmark Deadline is Tuesday, May 7, 2002

ARC grants provide rapid, short-term assistance to individual artists in
Los Angeles County
who wish to complete work for a specific, imminent opportunity that may
significantly benefit their career.
Artists in any discipline are eligible to apply for grants of up to
$2,500 each.  Applicants must already
have secured a commitment from a recognized institution to present the
proposed work.

             for an application and guidelines visit www.durfee.org


Call For Entries Electrohype 2002

This is the first call for Entries for the Electrohype 2002 exhibition.
Deadline: May 31st 2002
The Electrohype 2002 exhibition will be held in Malmö, Sweden, during ten days in the second half of October 2002.

Your submission should contain the following:
1. Short description of your work, abstract or synopsis.
2. Full description of work, including title, year of production and exhibition history.
3. Artists presentation, CV etc.
4. Visual presentation of your work, photo, video, url etc.
5. Technical description, including size, weight, technical and spatial requirements.

The exhibition will include a variety of works ranging from net based projects to large installations controlled by computers. Therefore we are seeking works of art that requires a computer (or several) to be experienced. We are not looking for artworks that relate to linear media even if they are produced by computers,- like rendered images and linear video.

Both electronic registration form  and printable pdf can be found at www.electrohype.org

Send the application to:
Södra Förstadsgatan 18
211 43 Malmö

If you have questions regarding the exhibition or the submission you can contact us at:


OCTOBER 16th-20th 2002

++symposium +++ nightscapes +++ urbaninterfaces

URBAN DRIFT is a network for the development of trans-cultural urban strategies.

Over the past 3 years, URBAN DRIFT has formed part of the berlinbeta media festival, as a symposium which offers a platform to cutting-edge architects and designers for whom the city is a medium, and architecture a communicative tool for new urban strategies.

++The network represented by URBAN DRIFT++
Concentrating on urban voids, gaps and residual, or peripheral zones and public spaces, members of URBAN DRIFT act as tacticians for a contemporary urban praxis, developing a discourse within Berlin as one of the primary cities of flux. Our aim is to communicate architecture and urban design to a wider audience, to extend the boundaries of architectural discourse, and to maximise the potential of interdisciplinary practice. We speculate on the need to point the way to contemporary architectural practice and urban design as the steering and managing of processes; on the need to move from formalism to flux management.

++URBAN DRIFT 2002++
This year urban drift is a 5 day event with a rich mix of talks and presentations by day, screenings, thematically based visuals, lectures and sound-scapes by night, along with open offices, in which architecture and design studios engage with the urban drift themes and reveal innovative hybrid spaces and working methods.

++planned location++
The event is set to take place in the Umspannwerk, a 19th century power station in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which has recently been renovated as a location for large-scale cultural events.

Mobile cultures and new urban strategies

The two-day conference will examine the impact of mobile telecommunications systems and media on architecture and urban design strategies. We will involve artists, architects, designers, theorists and activists in mutual discourse.


++ Technical Mobility:  Interaction design; the design of flows++
an examination of the impact of interactive and embedded technologies on contemporary design processes in architecture and design in the urban sphere.
++ Mental Mobility:  Network urbanism++
an exploration of new coalitions between architects, artists, designers and urban planners. How is the role of the architect and designer adapting to the demands of network practice, and Œflux management‚, and what tools are being employed to visualize increasingly complex, multi-layered urban processes?
++ Mobility vs. place:  Re-humanizing technology and Œconnective urbanism‚++
How do architects and designers recreate a sense of place and counteract the speed of the media-driven cityscape? On urban voids, the reanimation of residual urban spaces, and on re-engaging the public in urban design processes.
++ Tactical mobility: effective Strategies for the redevelopment and the repoliticisation of public spaces,
Œarchitecture is threat management‚ – Mark Wigley
a discussion amongst architects and media tacticians with relation to urban space. On Œflexible response‚, on intervening in and changing perceptions of the cityscape. On architecture as a medium.

++call for papers++
We welcome abstracts and short papers for inclusion in the conference and accompanying presentations. We also welcome relevant texts and essays for inclusion in the planned publication and the web site (textzone).

Please send abstracts of about 300 words – to: info@urbandrift.org +++when+++ initial proposals should reach us by April 20th 2002.

The space will provide a temporary, transformational and flexible situation for artists, architects and designers to present their proposals and investigations within a more informal setting.

Communicating an Œemotional urbanism‚ and drawing from the situationist dérive, Urban Drift‚s night space will encompass<sum>talks, readings, slide projections, screenings and urban soundscapes.

+++themes+++urban futures – real and virtual, shopping malls and garage settlements, the alchemy of urban narrative, urban nomadism and mobile technologies that foster a restless, edgy urban perspective, psychogeographies, scanning/mapping the city, displacement, and peripheral urban zones, in short, the !=inexhaustible inventory of the streets!= (Benjamin)

We welcome the following from urbanists ++ video works for screening@umspannwerk, slide shows, proposals for readings, performances, sound-pieces++
++ posters++ will form a significant part of the night-space<sum> we welcome polemic, statements and images dealing with the above mentioned themes.

++ Formats++
slides 35mm or larger / vhs / svhs / mini-dv / quicktime files / cd-rom / jpeg files /

Initial proposals should reach us by e-mail by April 20th 2002
Please mail proposals for participation to: info@urbandrift.org

Or -  post viewing copies of material/slides/related information to

Attn: Francesca Ferguson
C/o Datenflug
Urban Drift Project Space
Zehdenickerstr 21
10119 Berlin
Francesca Ferguson <franferguson@gmx.net>
Urban Drift


Deadline: April 30, 2002
Exhibition proposals
HEREart open call for submissions 

Postmark deadline April 30th HEREart Gallery shows are selected by an advisory board that meets annually to review proposals. Our 1200 square foot Main gallery generally features collaborations, group shows, theme shows, and guest curators. The HEREunder Gallery is much smaller (500 square feet) and conducive to small scale solo shows and site-specific installations. Both galleries serve as gathering areas for HERE's theater goers, roughly 400 a day. . Please submit proposals that consider the spaces and their use as public access to HERE's theaters. 

Proposals should include information about how you would like to use the space, an approximation of the amount of time it would take to install your exhibition, when your work would be ready to show as well as any specific requirements you foresee for your exhibition. Please limit your responses to 1 page. You may also include a brief artist statement and resume. You don't have to make a proposal-we also review artist's work for inclusion in HEREart curated exhibits. 

We will look at slides, photographs, prints, published materials, and vhs videos. We have no restrictions as to the number of visual materials to be submitted with your proposal, but please keep in mind that the advisory board will be reviewing several hundred proposals so succinctness is appreciated (also, please label all of your materials so as not to confuse the panel). If you would like to receive your materials back,YOU MUST INCLUDE AN SASE. Your materials will not be returned without one. 

We highly recommend that you visit the gallery and check out several of our exhibits before submitting your work for the panel. It will help you to get a sense of the type of shows that we have and better guage if your work is a good match for our space. 

All applicants will be notified about the status of their proposals by the end of June. 

Proposals should be sent to
attn Libby Hartle and Tim Hailey
145 6th Ave
NYC, 10013 

If you would like to drop your proposal off, please do so between the hours of 1pm-8pm Tuesday through Saturday. If you have any questions, please contact Libby at libby@here.org 

For further information about HERE, HEREart and submission policies, please go to http://www.here.org