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Postgraduate course on Digital Technology and Contemporary Creation


Continuing Education

Organises: MECAD\Media Centre d'Art i Disseny from the Escola Superior de D=
isseny ESDI

Date: October the 15th to December the 4th of 2001

Place: Passeig de Gr=E0cia, 114, pral., Barcelona-Spain

It is already open the period for application and matriculation in the Post=
graduate course on Digital Technology and Contemporary Creation and the Con=
tinuing Education courses, from October 15th to December 4th of 2001, organ=
ised by MECAD/ESDI. These courses are aimed to students, graduates and prof=
essionals in fine arts, design, multimedia, audio-visual communication, art=
s history and other similar fields.

In five technological seminars with different levels (from basic to advance=
) about the most current tools for Internet editing and programming will be=
 teach. The other five seminars and workshops are devoted to subjects relat=
ed with digital culture and contemporary creation in the fields of interact=
ive works, installations, public art and net art.

The courses staff counts with internationally prestigious professors, like =
Francesc Torres (NY- Barcelona), Alfredo Jaar (NY) or Giulia Colaizzi (Vale=
ncia). The classes will take place in Passeig de Gr=E0cia, 114, Barcelona.

For more information contact: