[artinfo] (fwd) "DMZ on the Web" Art Center Nabi, Seoul

Janos Sugar sj@c3.hu
Sat, 8 Sep 2001 15:00:19 +0200

=46rom: <jiseon@nabi.or.kr>
Subject: dmz on the web-online forum
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 15:49:45 +0900

Dear Sir and Madame,

Art Center Nabi is a unique center for New Media art located in Seoul,=
 Korea. It aims to nurture creativity by facilitating the communication of=
 research and experimentation among the humanities, technology, and art. Art=
 Center Nabi invites you as a panelist to participate in a rich and=
 provocative discussion in our on-line forum, the Web as an Artistic Medium,=
 in conjunction with the on-line exhibition, "DMZ on the WEB." Let me give=
 you a brief introduction of the exhibition and the online forum.

The "DMZ on the Web" project deals with the issues around the de-militarized=
 zone between the North and the South Korean borders, which is inaccessible=
 except for a few. This 4km wide demilitarized zone across the Korean=
 peninsula was established after the cease-fire of the Korean war.=
 Technically, the two Koreas are still on a war, and this zone is a constant=
 reminder of this fact. Ironically, it is one of the most well
preserved wildlife habitats in South Korea. The artists who are in their=
 20's and 30's and have no direct experience of the war reinterpret the DMZ=
 in various ways on the web. The artists attempt to bridge the differences=
 between the DMZ as a closed-off military and natural space on one hand, and=
 an open cyberspace on the other hand.

The online forum, it will be explored how the web is used as an artistic med=

=46irstly, we will look at different narrative methods used on the web, such=
 as hypertext. Secondly, we will examine the tools that are used to realize=
 the images, such as JAVA/FLASH. Thirdly, we will explore the textual and=
 the visual languages that are organized into an architecture, which enables=
 the viewers to enter and explore the open cyberspace. Finally, we will=
 discuss how those languages and the organizing architecture are used as=
 tools for activism that are specifically related to the DMZ, such as the=
 environmental and political issues.

In this forum, we will discuss the use of web as an artistic medium and how=
 it is used to reinterpret the DMZ on the web. Web as an art form engages,=
 explores, and argues for the potential for being an open forum. It is also=
 where the discussion of the DMZ is staged.

online Forum: September 20, 2001 - October 20, 2001
online Exhibition: October 10, 2001 - November 11, 2001 (www.livedmz.net)

Web as an Artistic Medium
- Narrative : Hypertext (e-narrative, e-poem)
- web tools : Java/Flash
- Architecture (Net Space)
- Activism

We invite you to participate in this on-line forum. We hope that you can=
 join, and contribute to challenging and provocative discussions. If you are=
 unable to attend the forum, we would appreciate it if you could recommend=
 us someone who might be interested in participating. We look forward to=
 hearing from you. If you would like to find out more information,

please contact: jiseon@nabi.or.kr