[artinfo] Pixxelpoint 2001 - International Computer Art Festival

Jaka Zeleznikar jaka@jaka.org
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 12:56:29 +0100

	Pixxelpoint 2001 - International Computer Art Festival

This is the last newsletter before the deadline for submission of your works: 
			Sep. 15 2001. 
So, artists...hurry up with your animations, images, interactive art and music.
To see how to submit and technically prepare your works for the exhibitions, download the forms for appropriate category and read the instructions and rules.

On request  of some artists we've added also IT format for tracker music and extended the deadline because of this for tracker music for 5 more days (Sep. 20)

Special thanks to modarchive.com, the place with thousands and thousands of trax. Samples, mods, competitions and more. Excellent place to spend your time into music. http://www.modarchive.com

Should you have any question, comment or suggestion, you can send us an e-mail to info@pixxelpoint.org

Best regards,
Pixxelpoint staff