[artinfo] (fwd) Call for papers: 18C3

Janos Sugar sj@c3.hu
Wed, 28 Nov 2001 05:47:31 +0100

Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 10:37:00 +0100 (CET)
=46rom: congress-crew@ccc.de (18C3 Crew)
Subject: CfP: 18th annual Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin, Germany

Call for papers: 18C3: 18. Chaos Communication Congress 27.-29. December 200=

deadline: December 1st

Papers are being solicited for the eighteenth annual Congress of the Chaos=
 Computer Club e.V., Germany, to be held in Berlin, Germany, from December=
 27th through 29th. The congress is intended to promote the technical,=
 social and political interchange of ideas among hackers, security=
 professionals, artists, nerds and other lifeforms, watching how technology=
 affects society.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- - wrecked use of mainstream technology
- - obfuscating code, technology and user minds
- - IPv6 technology and security,  practical experience, 6bone statistics et=
- - Ttchnical developments and protocols in the Internet
  (e.g. Differentiated Services, constraint-based-routing, MPLS, traffic
  engineering, policing, COPS, TCPng, streaming protocols,
  Peer2Peer-Networks, ENUM etc.)
- - telephone networks (wired & wireless, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS)
- - access technology (cable modems, satellite, WLL etc.)
- - surveillance technology, LI, state of the art and how to trick it
- - security policy and privacy Issues
- - security infrastructure, architecture and standards (PKCS,CMA, CDSA etc.=
- - watching them watching us and how to sharpen the picture
- - eavesdropping on (streaming) protocols (e.g. internet telephony)
- - operating system/platform security (any OS you can think of)
- - internet, communications & networking security, including wireless
  technologies (WaveLAN, HiperLAN, etc.)
- - AAA
- - intrusion detection and monitoring
- - cryptograpic algorithms, technology, toolkits, applications, etc.
   (e.g. AES, elliptic curves, PGP, GnuPG etc.)
- - smartcards & embedded anything
- -  biometrics
- - copyright, copyleft, copywrong, "interlec-duh-al capital",
  digital rights management and the street performer protocol,
  DMCA vs Freedom of Speech
- - privacy, private data and public data and the difference, if any
- - misuse of (multi)media technology, "secure" devices ...
- - art & beauty in the global village
- - reverse engineering technology how-to's
- - circumvention devices & security countermeasures
- - political and legislative trends, open and hidden, concerning
  the net and communication technology
- - crypto-politics in national security
- - German issues as TK=D0V and equivalents in other countries
- - European issues as Cybercrime-Convention and equivalents
- - hacker ethics and history
- - Developments in Mobile Networking (e.g. Wireless LAN,
  Ad-Hoc Networking, Tracking of Persons, etc.)
- - activism, hacktivism and other forms of political work
- - Organisational structures of NGOs
- - Underground Banking
- - conspiracy theories
- - discordianism


Lectures are expected to be highly relevant in practice or better be darn=
 funny. Sales droids have been known to disappear without traces on past=
 events. Interactive Workshops welcome. Hands-On anything even more welcome.

Intelligent beings wishing to present a paper should submit title and an=
 one- or two-paragraph abstract (in German or English), references and URLs,=
 a short biography, and contact information to congress-crew@ccc.de RSN, no=
 later than December 1st.
So, do you dare to speak in front of people who might have downloaded your=
 script from your computer in advance and spotted all the logical errors?

Do you read me, HAL?