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parole - a project of gruppo A12(I), Udo Noll(D) and Peter Scupelli(USA/I)

parole is a dynamic & open archive of terms & concepts on urbanism and the
contemporary city, organised in a hypermedia database structure on the
Internet. it tries to envision complexity and diversity of present urban

parole: http://parole.aporee.org/
background, spaces & places: parole: http://parole.aporee.org/info/

"parole" participates on the competition at 5.Graz Biennial on Media and
Architecture, Austria, during 7. - 11. Nov 2001 and will be presented there
together with other video & web projects. please see http://www.artimage.at/

since its initial launch, on occasion of the 7th International Exhibition
of Architecture at the Biennale in Venice, Italy, parole has become a very
heterogeneous website, and is subject to shifts and alterations, to directions
which are actually unpredictable, trying to reflect the condition of the
contemporary city in its permanent state of change.

parole is already closely exchanging ideas & theories with a growing amount
of interested groups & people around the globe, thus we decided to start an
experimental collaboration with "fmwalks", a project framework which
collects & organises sounds from various sources, to create moving audible
topographies, see http://fmwalks.aporee.org/

we are interested in exploring the possibilities of exchange with people
& related projects, to add new layers of perception & participation.

at this point, we want to invite you to participate on this first experiment,
which combines the abilities of parole & fmwalks, introducing a sound layer
in parallel to the textual & visual elaborations already established on the
site. we would like to ask you to...

  "...look out of your window and tell us what you see..."

you're invited to make your own contribution. move over to the fmwalks
projects page, we've provided an upload interface for sounds as well as a
special phone2web tool, which transforms phonecalls into a mp3 audio
stream. (beware that this is a long distance call!)
fmwalks collects all contributions and includes them into a hopefully
growing live radio stream, accessible soon on a special project website.
we'll keep you informed.

send your voice & sound at:

we're looking forward to listen to an amazing urban soundtrack... ;)

best regards!
Electronic Flux Corporation

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