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thomas dumke dumke@body-bytes.de
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 01:13:31 +0200

International competition for computer-based art CYNETart 2001

CYNETart award
The competition for computer-based art is calling for entries in the
fields of audio processing , internet, interactive CD-ROM, computer
graphics, computer animation, and computer-based
installation/performance. The prize money of 10,225 Euro (20,000 DM) is
donated by private enterprises. The (maximum of) four award winners and
about 12 recognitions will be chosen by the expert jury. A choice of the

submitted projects will be presented during the CYNETart festival. This
choice will be made by the promoter.
The deadline for submissions is the 30th of April, 2001.

CYNETart sees itself as a local and at the same time as a global centre
of reflection about the information society and for the formation of its

cultural dimension. We view artistic exploration of the possibilities of

computer- and net-based communication as a field of investigation into
changes in our ways of perception, social relations, exchange relations,

image, product- and marketing strategies, political and scientific
research aims and development of creativity and human potential.
At the topical centre of the CYNETart 2001 will be installations,
experiments, performances and research results dealing with connections
between technological and bio-psycho-social interfaces. In the course of

their history, human beings have created a network and at the same time
labyrinthine system of mirror images, symbolisations, and projection
space into which they go on the search for their being. Modern
information technology brings forth a sensorial system not only of
optical, acoustic, bio-electronic, and tactile information processing.
It also puts us in the position of being able to receive, to gauge, to
process, to save, to network and to exchange a broad spectrum of
energetic vibration parameters. Thus new "faces" developed by means of
which we perceive our "inner" and "outer" world.

Regulations and submission form:

send the submission to
CYNETart office
Medienkulturzentrum PENTACON
Schandauer Str. 64
D - 01277 Dresden

Further enquiries from Dorothea Kupsch (Koordination)
kupsch@body-bytes.de or Tel. +49-351-3400673