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So, what would you like to upload today?
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.electric news
if you have heard anything strange or interesting or suspicious or
something you would just like to share, here is the way you can do it.

.document wars
if you have a piece of writing you wish to share, or if you plan
to write for the document wars, here is the way you can do it.

.the linked society
submit your own work. be a .netculture hero

send you own presentations of creative people

.savage keyboard
if you get angry for something about Internet and its culture, or
if you plan to write for the savage keyboard, here is the way you can do

.vote your beliefs
suggest the next polls of .netculture. Define the poll's theme and
the poll's choices
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# netculture ::: newsletter 19/02/2001
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Mark Amerika
Mark Amerika is one of the most well known figures among the
internet culture circles and the literature world. His constant search
for new ways of narration since the early nineties has ...

+ Document Wars
Digital Densities: An Attempt At Contextualizing The Ongoing
Ungoing Story of Being In Cyberspace by Mark Amerika
So much of our commercial and potentially-subversive art
today is being developed with software application programs that
encourage the liberal usage...

+ Savage Keyboard
Resistance is Futile: The Dark Side of the Internet by Alvin Cheung
Commercialism is infiltrating the Internet at an ever-increasing rate.
 From early GIF banner ads to Flash-animated popup ad windows,
corporations have begun to invade cyberspace. The Internet

+ Offline World
To Clone or Not to Clone? by Jean-Francois Beaulne
After the threat raised by the famous Dolly (the first cloned sheep)
in January 1998, the United States of America and
the Clinton administration ...

+ Electric News
3rd International Festival of Film and New Media on Art
''e-phos 2001''
''e-phos' 2001' is organized by the non profit cultural
organization ALAS and aims to initiate a creative exchange of
experiences and contacts in the sphere of culture and art, to develop
the public ...

+ The Linked Society
the intelligent washing machine by James Blem
A brief flash movie again, demonstrates to us the usefulness
of home devices in the future. The creator of the movie named this
device like a "product of the year"....


Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:28:14 +0100
From: wwvf <wwvf@wwvf.demon.nl>
Subject: World Wide Video Festival: Call for Entries
Screenings | Performances
Seminar | Exhibitions
10 October to 11 November
<New Dates> <Call for Entries>

The World Wide Video Festival is an annual, international event for
media-art that takes place at several locations in Amsterdam.

<New Dates> As from this year the World Wide Video Festival will be held a
month later than in previous years. The new dates of the festival are 10
October to 11 November 2001.
This year there will be a sequel to the four-day series of premiere
events. Over the following weekends, the various festival venues will host
a series of 'special events', which will include screenings, performances,
artist presentations and discussions.
The exhibitions at several of the festival locations, and the selection of
single-screen works at the 'world wide media lounge', will remain open
daily until November 11.

<Call for Entries> Artists are invited to submit work for selection.
Entry forms for the 19th World Wide Video Festival are currently online.
The festival invites the submission of video/dvds, installations,
performances, cd-roms, net.art projects and artistic software productions
completed after 1999.
Entry forms should be submitted via our website before April 15:
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