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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 23:31:46 +0400
From: portfolio <portfolio@cityline.ru>
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Dear readers,
Our new Russian "PORTFOLIO" photo-magazine would like to present a guide of=
 photo events (photo festivals and fairs, competitions and exhibitions, mas=
ter-classes and so on in Russia and abroad).
We kindly ask You to provide us with the main photo-events taking place at =
Your town, city or country within the period of September-December 2001 (wh=
at is needed as soon as possible) and within January-December 2002 accordin=
We would be grateful for the following data:
- the name and the subject of the event;
- the date;
- the address and tel.;
- organizers and authors;
- approximate entrance fee;
- ...
Yours faithfully,
Victoria Pilevina / Editor-in-Chief

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=C1=DB=C5=CD =C7=CF=D2=CF=C4=C5, =D7 =F7=C1=DB=C5=CA =D3=D4=D2=C1=CE=C5 =D7=
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=F0=C9=CC=C5=D7=C9=CE=C1 =F7=C9=CB=D4=CF=D2=C9=D1.