[artinfo] SEAFair 2001/Society and Genomic Culture

Kalina Bunevska Isakovska kalina@scca.org.mk
Sat, 16 Jun 2001 11:56:50 +0200

SEAFair 2001, 15  - 20 June 2001
Skopje Electronic Arts Fair

Society and Genomic Culture=20

Location: Museum of Contemporary Arts

Organizer: Contemporary Art Center Skopje

Suported by: Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia, Ministry of=
 Culture of Macedonia, Embassy of USA in Macedonia, PROHELVETIA Arts Council=
 of Switzerland, Goethe Institute Belgrade, Embassy of the Federal Republic=
 of Germany, Macedonian Academy of Science and Art

SKOPJE ELECTRONIC ART FAIR (SEAFair) http://seafair.scca.org.mk/ represents=
 a focal point on the Balkans, in regard to applying new technologies in art=
 projects. In the fifth year of SEAFair titled as Society and Genomic=
 Culture CAC concentrates at investigating the implications of the=
 development of bio-technology and genetics (GM Food, Human Genome Project,=
 etc.), as well as the implications of the cross connections between these=
 fields and the culture, informatics, and techno-utilization.


=46RIDAY 15.06.2001=20
Museum of Contemporary Arts - Skopje=20
Workshop, Leader Liljana Simjanovska=20

10:00 1st Lecture by Liljana Simjanovska
Gene structure and function
11:00 2nd Lecture by Liljana Simjanovska
Mendelian inheritance and recombination


SATURDAY 16.06.2001
Museum of Contemporary Arts - Skopje

11:00 Workshop  =20
3rd Lecture by Liljana Simjanovska
Nucleic acid based methods=20

Panel "Art and Biotechnology"

19:30 - 20:00 Roy Asccot=20
Moistmedia  Art: towards the convergence  of  bits, atoms, neurons and

20:00-20:30  Suzana Milevska=20
Life and Technology in the Work of Eduardo Kac

20:30-21:00 Rainer Matysik
The desire for a more perfect form of life

21:30-22:00 Maja Kuzmanovic

22:00 - 22:30 Diana McCarty
What do Cyberfeminists Eat

22:30 Discussion=20

SUNDAY 16.06.2001

10:00 - 14:30 Macedonian Academy for Sciences and Arts
Introduction to the Laboratory work in the Research Center for New=
 Technologies - Division of Genetic Engineering and BioTechnology.
Introduction in laboratory practice (methods and equipement for RNA/DNA=
 analyses: RNA&DNA extraction, Southern blot, Northern blot, DNA=
 fingerprinting, PCR, RT/PCR, ASO hybridization, SSCP, DGGE, DNA cloning and=
 DNA sequencing)
- Practical work=20

Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje
17:30 - 18:00 Momo Kuzmanovic
Presentation in the working Space of installation of Andreja Kulundzic


18:00 - 18:30 Dr. Liljana Simjanovska
The Nitrogen theory

18:30-19:00 Dr. Liljana Simjanovska and  Georgi Stoilkov
Vibrations and Cloning

19:00 - 19:30 Discussion

19:30 Panel Biotechnology Debate

19:30 -20:00  Klaus Aman
The role of science in the application of the Precautionary Principle

20:00-20:30  Oliver Ressler
Anti Gene Worlds: Opposition to genetic Engineering

20:30-21:00  Timothy Druckrey
The Genetic Industrial Complex...

21:30-22:00  Nina Czegledy
Digital Body Virtual Spectacles

22:00 - 22:30 Heath Bunting

22:30 Discussion=20

- Andrea Kuluncic (Croatia)
	- CLOSED REALITY - EMBRYO  http://embryo.inet.hr

- Eduardo Kac (Brasil/USA)
	- Alba
	- Genesis http://www.juliafriedman.com/exhib_kac.html=20

- Petko Dourmana, Plamen Voushev (Bulgaria)
	- SOCIETOR www.ada.bg=20

- Rainer Matysik (Germany)=20
	- The intimate relationship between living organisms and human
beigns replaces clothing

- Heath Bunting (GB)
	- Biotech Hobbyist http://irational.org/biotech=20

- Oliver Ressler (Austria)
	- Focus on Companies

- Dijana Tomic (Macedonia)
	- Circular Memories

- Emil Petrov & Kristina Miljanovska (Macedonia)
	- C_on_t_act

- Diana McCarty (Germany/USA)
	- Faces

- Tiia Johannson (Estonia)
	- get.real

- Brezze Mez (Australa)=20
	- Cloning God and Angels

- Pavu com group (France)
	- Lucy www.pavu.com/lucy =20

- Michalis Pichler & Nikolaos Zachariadis (Austria/Greece)
	- Proton

- Irena Paskali (Macedonia)
	- Gen... genesis

- Effie Halivopoulou (Greece)
	- www.arachni.net/effie

- Adam Zaretsky (USA)
	- Microinjected fish eggs

Kalina Bunevska Isakovska
Visual Arts Program Coordinator
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