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Yukihiko Yoshida yukihiko@sfc.keio.ac.jp
Sat, 16 Jun 2001 13:06:54 +0200

I am in Japanese graduate school in Keio University.
My fields is in the following.
 Inter-localizaiton Cultural Studies/ Archival Cultural Studies
 --Database/Hypertext/Semantic Web
 --Technology and Culuture
 --Visual Cultural Studies 
    --Visual Studies (Jonathan Crary calls this field in this name)
 --Culture and Representation

In other hand,as some of you know, I am moderating japanese interdiciplinary
dance studies mailing list.

I have not my offical website and mission statement for my field.
But if you have any question and comment,you are welcome. 

Today I am looking for interesting sites in these fields.
--Body Culture Studies
--Sports Sociology
--Sports Media
--Sports History
I surfed up japanese sites and webzines, but there is NOT
ANY interesting URLs.
In fact,in Japan,these fields have not established as common.
If you have any infomaiton,please write to me.
I am analysising materials in these fields and I would like to
inter-connect webbase movement together.

Best Wishes from TOKYO


--Yuk;-)iko YOSHIDA
Yukihiko YOSHIDA
Artist/Systems Humanist/Generalist

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