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Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 20:30:28 -0700
=46rom: Camille Baker <camib@telus.net>
Subject: (Xchange) Digital Art Submissions Wanted

WANTED: Digital Arts, Video, Animation, and Photography Submissions

Tales of Slacker Bonding is for all slackers who've ever been hopelessly

in love, fallen heartbroken and battered out of it, mourned over the
lack of it, and then thought they had it all figured out.

We are also the destination for web savvy Gen-Xers looking to share
ideas about film, music and social commentary

Tales of Slacker Bonding: www.slackerbonding.com is currently seeking
digital artists, web video makers animators and photographers to submit
work inspired by relationships, Generation X, pop culture and how they
all intertwine. Before you check out what we=92re after, understand that
we can=92t offer payment as of yet, but you get a little fame and fodder
for your portfolio in exchange.

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This site is meant to be simultaneously intimate, smart, emotional, and
irreverent. Make your work dynamic, original and energetic, but also
with a message and context. First person perspective is preferred.
Explorations of sex and sexuality in the context of relationships are
fine, but keep it relevant and not pornographic.

Send us your finished piece or a concept for a piece that will strum or
snap heart strings with a personal take on any aspect of modern love and
relationships: The whip of cruel heartbreak, the fleeting fire of lust,
the delusions of illogical crushes, the electronic joy of modem love, or
the bad-for-you lure of destructive relationships.

We also want  digital poetry ? be it Flash or Shockwave or traditional
video format.  Again, all we ask is that it's edgy, compelling and

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"Children of Pop Culture"

Are all Gen-Xers pop culture junkies worshipping at the Church of the
Poisoned Mind? Want to chime in on the topic of pop culture?

What's your story, morning glory? Show us any work influenced by Pop
Culture, for example:

* A short video documantary on how Johnny Depp or Uma Thurman turn you
* Digital art based on visions you had when you first read "Neuromancer"
or "Lord of the Flies"?
* Your web video version of "Star Wars" "Grease", or even  "High
* Sesame Street for a digital generation - web Sesame Street, Shockwave
* Or visually demonstrate how Sesame Street has affected your
relationships with people (vs. puppets or TV)?
* A photo essay on your girlfriend and her excruciatingly cheesy taste
in movies?
* A comic or visual collage based your favourite story lines from your
comic book collection

Dazzle us with your talent. Submit your work today! (Taking submissions
until June 21st, 2001.)

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Break Ups Issue:

Tales of Slacker Bonding -- www.slackerbonding.com -- is currently
seeking contributions for our upcoming issue on Breakups.

Are you always the one to leave a relationship? Always quitting after a
month because no one is good enough?  Or are you the hanger-on, calling
and never understanding why they left you?

Well, we can't fix your relationship, but we'll let you vent -

Some ideas or themes to inspire your work:

* Do you have an incredible fear of commitment that prevents you from
having long-term relationships?
* Have you had someone actually prevent you from breaking it off? Or
stalked you after you did?
* How did you feel when your girlfriend broke up with you over the phone
or email or ICQ?
* When is it over? Is there anyway to know?
* Why did you leave when it wasn't time to ?
* How did you tell your friend to dump that idiot already?
* How do you feel as the "rebound" - insulted or complimented? Show us
* Are you in one of those relationships where you've split up but keep
having sex? What's it like?
* Create something that expresses your worst, your weirdest, your best
* What's the worst reason you've been dumped? (Like to date their mom or
something) Express it baby!

Deadline July 2nd/2001

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We=92re open to your digital creativity, pro or not, so pitch us your idea
or send us your goods. Files can=92t exceed 5 megs due to server
restrictions. We like Flash, Shockwave for Director, and QuickTime.


Give us your shorts. Your video, that is. Make them 2-5 minutes long and
full of grace and insightful wit (or just make them say something
interesting about love, relationships and pop culture). Must be
compressed for Real Video. Files can=92t exceed 5 megs due to server
restrictions. Contact us for further details.


We=92re always on the lookout for interesting and compelling images that
relate to the site=92s theme and content, as well as photographers who=92d
like an assignment or two specific to our stories. Images can be
e-mailed in jpeg, gif, or tiff formats, but should be set at a
resolution of 72 dpi (or
150dpi for higher quality and we=92ll shrink it to 72dpi) and sized at no
more that 4x6 inches.

Illustration/comics/other artwork:

If you=92re an artist with a talent for illustration or comics, we=92d like
to showcase your work. Pitch us your ideas, send us your creations, or
steer us toward your online portfolio. Your work can be sent in .gif,
bmp, tiff, ai or jpg formats.

Wondering where to send your queries, ideas, questions, and documents
for everything we just listed?

E-mail the editors at editorial@slackerbonding.com


Tales of Slacker Bonding reserves the right to exclude work or refuse to
publish anything we find inappropriate in keeping with our overall
content focus or issue themes, as well as any content that we deem
blatantly racist, homophobic, misogynist, pornographic, or in any way

Individuals submitting work should understand that all work submitted to
Tales of Slacker Bonding may be published on the site and is in no way
private, unless a pseudonym is given for the name of the author, and
that we cannot pay for submissions or regular contributions at this


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Camille Baker
Creator/ Editor-in-Chief
Tales of Slacker Bonding

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