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Subject: ART AT WORK 2001

11th international summer academy and art symposion ART AT WORK 2001,
Ricsovary Major (near Lajosmisze, 70 km from Budapest), 22.7.-12.8.2001.

The summer academy, which has been held in Slovakia for ten years - in
cooperation with the academy of fine arts, Bratislava - has established
itself as an exciting forum for communication and encounters on a worldwide
level in a spirit of keenness an openness to interpret and understand
cultural differences.

A platform for worldwide artistic exchange and communication, which will
start a new project cycle in Hungary this year. With artists and
participants from Ukraine , Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine  as
well as South Africa , USA (Webster University), - and many more nations.
In 17 classes and project oriented workshops directed by the artists stated
on the programme enclosed herewith.

The summer academy defines itself as
- a communication platform for classical, experimental and
interdisciplinary approaches;
- worldwide artistic exchange;
- interpretative reflective processes of discourse;
- project oriented art workshops;
- Eastern-, Central-European venue;
- interdisciplinary and thematic cooperation between classes.


=09Painting, Hubert Schmalix / Austria, 22.7.-5.8.
=09Painting, Eva Bodnar / Austria, 22.7.-12.8.
=09Painting & graphics, Jan Fekete / Slovakia, 22.7.-2.8.
=09Painting and drawing, Attila Piller / Austria, 22.7.-12.8.
=09Painting / Photography, =93Time travel=94, Yuri Solomko / Ukraine, 22.7.=
=09Painting / Video, =93Time Code=94, Wayne Barker / South Africa, 22.7.-12=

=09UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Manfred Erjautz / Austria, 29.7.-12.8.
=09Imagefigures / visual texts
=09Objects ~ Interaction forms~ networks, Roza El Hassan / Hungary, 5.8.-12=
=09ROBIN HOOD, Sculpture / Web, Marc Edwards / South Africa, 22.7.-12.8.

=09Fotography / experimental approaches, Hannes Glaser / Austria, 22.7.-12.=

=09Wear-Art, Kyoko Adanyia-Baier / Japan, 29.7.-12.8.
=09SPIRIT OF THE BODY, Edith Agai / Austria, 22.7.-5.8.

=09Contemporary Ritual, Social Action, Carol Hodson / USA, 22.7.-5.8.

=09Imagine City, Michael Zinganel / Austria, 22.7.-5.8.
=09Architecture, location and identity in film; =93the city is a state of m=

=09NETPUSHMEDIA, internet, Laszlo L. Revesz / H, 29.7.-5.8.
=09Moments in Communication,  Hofstetter Kurt / A, 5.8.-12.8.
=09Video, DigitalVideo, Sound, InterNet
=09Public Privacy, Eva Ursprung / Austria, 29.7.-12.8.
=09Communication-Design / Internet

The location:
The country estate Ricsovary Major was established at the turn of the
century and is embedded in the Puzsta. In the vicinity of the village
Lajosmisze and approx 60 km from Budapest. The vast and very idyllic estate
Ricsovary consists of the manor house as well as of a variety of houses and
bungalows, working rooms, swimming-pool, tennis court, restaurant, etc.

Art Association KulturAXE (Culture Link)
The art association KulturAXE, transnational communication & artaction,
Vienna, initiates and organizes international art projects and focuses on
innovative, experimental working methods and border crossing cooperation.
The experiences gained from developing actual art concepts directly effect
the contents of the art course programme, which over and above the
intention to develop creative potential, also invites to participate in an
actual art discourse.

For Hungarian residents and Hungarian students we will give the reductions
on the study fees (50 - 75 % reduction) as follows:
STUDY FEE 1 week (29.7-5.8. / 5.8.-12.8.)
regular:  DM 510
reduced fee for Hungarian residents: DM 215
reduced fee for Hungarian students: DM 129
STUDY FEE 2 weeks (29.7.-12.8.)
regular: DM 769
reduced fee for Hungarian residents: DM 358
reduced fee for Hungarian students: DM 185

the accommodation costs including full boarding:
per person and day in double room: DM 48
(reduced fees can be given for 3- or 4 bed rooms)

Caroline Fekete-Kaiser
Ricsovary Major
cell: 0676-9111 609
Tel: 76/454-112
Fax: 76/459-103