[artinfo] Wanted: Internet Researchers from East-European Countries

Reinhold Grether Reinhold.Grether@uni-konstanz.de
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 23:56:24 +0100

Let me introduce an Internet Research web resource which contains by now=
 more than 2,500 links.
Netzwissenschaft http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/

It's a German language site, but with the following hints everybody can use =

A core feature are three pages which link to websites of
net.researchers http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/wiss.htm
net.artists http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/kuenst.htm
net.publicists http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/publ.htm

Don't miss the five pages which contain affiliations, research interests and=
 short "web bites" of the listed internet researchers.
Go for the researchers' second names:
A - E  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/wiss1.htm
=46 - J  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/wiss2.htm
K - M  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/wiss3.htm
N - R  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/wiss4.htm
S - Z  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/wiss5.htm

Unfortunately these listings contain an embarrassing Anglo-German bias. So,=
 if there are internet researchers with other languages out there who=
 maintain homepages with some good stuff on it, please mail me your URL. A=
 short English abstract about your research interests and your institutional=
 affiliation would be a great help.

There are also lists of
institutes http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/inst.htm
and projects http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/proj.htm
that do professionalized internet research.

A lot of bibliographic stuff is online too. More than 500 book releases from=
 1999 to 2001 are listed with direct links to the author's and book's=
 homepages and to the best book reviews. Look for
1999  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/biblio/neu99.htm
2000  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/biblio/neu00.htm
2001  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/biblio/neu01.htm
You'd even find traditional bibliographies for media anthropology 1995-1998
and for global studies 1988-1994

Don't miss another page with a lot of links to very new internet research=
 essays, articles, and reviews:
Pool http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/sem/pool.htm

A smaller page about on- and offline journals:
Periodika  http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/period.htm

Look for conferences in 2001 on

Most of my own writings are in German, but not all.
Writings 1983-1996
Writings 1997-2000
My university course is about net.literature, net.art, net.science
http://www.netzwissenschaft.de/sem.htm =20

I'm an internet researcher with Constance University, Germany. My main=
 interest lies in establishing net(work) science (Netzwissenschaft) as an=
 autonomous pillar of the science system. Actually I'm researching what=
 institutional forms the emerging field of internet research applies.

Thank you for your attention and your help,
Reinhold Grether.