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>Subject: Eyebeam Atelier Press Release
>February 19, 2001
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>CONTACT:   Purvi Shah, Eyebeam Atelier
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>(New York, NY)  Promising to be one of the most exciting and innovative
>architectural projects in New York City in recent years, Eyebeam
>Atelier, the new media arts organization, has entered Phase Two of an
>architectural design competition for its flagship museum/atelier
>building in the Chelsea gallery district.
>In Phase Two, a group of thirteen international architecture firms,
>whose principals are known for their use of new media, and for their
>inventive and imaginative approaches to architecture, have been selected
>and asked to create a conceptual design for the project.
> >From the United States, ten firms will participate in Phase Two of the
>competition. They are:
>Architecture Research Office, New York
>Asymptote Architecture, New York
>Preston Scott Cohen, Cambridge, Mass.
>Neil M. Denari Architects, Los Angeles
>Diller and Scofidio, New York
>Greg Lynn FORM, Venice, Cal.
>Gluckman Mayner Architects, New York
>Leeser Architecture, New York
>Reiser+Umemoto, RUR Architecture PC, New York
>Rogers/Marvel Architect, New York
>International firms selected for Phase Two are:
>David Chipperfield Architects, London
>MVRDV, Rotterdam
>Foreign Office Architects LTD, London
>Phase Three of the competition, due to be completed in late 2001, will
>result in the selection of three finalists, each of who will be asked to
>develop a comprehensive design scheme. The drawings, models and digital
>animations they produce will be exhibited in Eyebeam Atelier's temporary
>galleries, accompanied by a publication and a symposium centered on
>issues at the intersection of architecture, technology and design.
>Eyebeam Atelier will be located at 540-548 West 21st Street, joining the
>arts organizations and galleries that have made west Chelsea New York
>City's new center of contemporary art. It will be the city's first
>facility dedicated exclusively to new media art and the largest
>institution of its kind in the United States, housing a museum of art
>and technology, Artist-in-Residence studios, an education center with
>multi-media classrooms, a state-of-the art new media theater, a digital
>archive, a restaurant and a bookstore. The building will be
>approximately 90,000 square feet rising from a 15,000 square-foot site.
>Construction is due to begin in 2003 and is estimated to cost $40
>At the Chelsea site, construction has already begun on an interim space
>designed by architects David Hotson and Craig Newick. Scheduled for
>completion in Spring 2001, the space will provide three
>Artist-in-Residence studios connected to an 8,000 square-foot
>multi-purpose exhibition/event space. Other features include an
>education center, a wall-sized rear projection screen and an interior
>Eyebeam Atelier, a nonprofit cultural and educational organization
>dedicated to new media art, was founded in 1996 by filmmaker John S.
>Johnson. Its manifold mission is to initiate, present, support and
>preserve artworks created with computers and other digital equipment; to
>expand the public's appreciation of new media art through education
>programs, exhibitions and equipment access; to expand and improve access
>to electronic, graphic, network and moving image arts for artists and
>the public; and to research and develop new technologies that will
>catalyze the creation of new artworks.
>Both the interim space and the new building will further Eyebeam
>Atelier's mission by providing established artists with the latest
>technological tools; educating emerging artists on the creative use of
>digital applications; contributing directly to the development  and
>advancement of technologies used in moving image, spatial visualization,
>sound, performance, game design and other media; fostering
>collaborations between artists and scientists; and promoting a discourse
>on cutting-edge issues and ideas around art and technology through
>exhibitions, lectures and symposia, online critical fora and
>For more information on Eyebeam Atelier and the architectural
>competition, Purvi Shah at 212-431-7474, or by email at
>purvi@eyebeam.org. Additional information on the competition and
>programs is available online at www.eyebeam.org.