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=00=00Press Release (we apologise if you receive this message more than

<bigger><bigger>Nuova Icona, Cultural Association for the Arts, is
pleased to announce for =09Winter/Spring 2001, the presentation in Venice
of three new visual arts events:

</bigger></bigger>1) Nuova Icona Gallery (Giudecca 454, Calle
dell'Olio; fermata 'Palanca' vaporetto 41/42/82) On Saturday, February
24, 2001 at 18:00, the inauguration of

<bigger><bigger>MAURIZIO DONZELLI, 'The Machine of Drawings' (La
Macchina dei Disegni)</bigger></bigger>.

"The Machine of Drawings is the resulting project by Donzelli to put in
relationship the narrative powers of the sign and the expectations of a
public which becomes, on the occasion, the user and author.  The
machine which produces drawings on demand therefore constitutes a new
idea of participation between the artist and the world by forcing the
roles which reflect on the pair of artist & collector and further on
the system of creation & exhibition of contemporary art.  The machine,
an expression of the rapport between architecture, design and art, then
plans which invention is in a position to place the artist back in the
flow of life."  (Paola Tognon)

The drawings or "products" will remain on view at Nuova Icona Gallery
until February 27, 2001; Gallery hours are 16:00 - 20:00.  A catalogue
with contributions from Massimo Minini, Paola Tognon, Mauro Panzera,
Ottorino Berselli and Cecilia Cassina will be available.

2) Oratorio di San Ludovico (Dorsoduro 2552, Calle dei Vecchi; fermata
'San Basilio' vaporetto 82 and 61)  On Saturday, March 3, 2001 at
17:00, the inauguration of

the Blue)</bigger></bigger>, curated by Debora Antonini and Vittorio
Urbani for Nuova Icona, Venezia; in collaboration with DieciDue arte,
Milano and APC Galerie Fribourg, K=F6ln.

"The memory of that archetypal image of the 20th Century: the atomic
bombs exploding on the Nevada desert, showing their terrible energy
=2E....  The legacy of the bomb, which has challenged the artist pair Van
Leeuwen-Wagenaar, to render its moving, mesmerizing image in something
still as a sculpture uses to be; in daring to give the halo of beauty
to something that is - actually since it has been conceived - the most
repulsive and morally ugly." (Vittorio Urbani)

INS BLAUE will remain on view at the Oratorio di San Ludovico from
March 4 - 25; Opening hours for the Oratorio are 16:00 - 20:00,
Thursday through Sunday.  A catalogue with contributions from Lorella
Giudici, Frank Reijnders and Vittorio Urbani will be available. INS
BLAUE is a collaborative effort between Ambasciata Reale dei Paesi
Bassi, Roma; Prins Bernhard Fonds,  Holland; A.T.I. C=E0 Rezzonico,
Venezia; Dani Costruzioni, Venezia and Gherardi Costruzioni, Roma.

3) Nuova Icona Gallery (Giudecca 454, Calle dell'Olio; fermata
"Palanca" vaporetto 41/42/82) On Saturday, March 3, 2001 at 19:00, the
inauguration of

<bigger><bigger>KAI KALJO & LY LESTBERG, "What do You Read, my
Lord?"</bigger></bigger> curated by Vittorio Urbani and Michele De

Recent works on view from two Estonian artists.  Kaljo presents recent
works in video:  The piece "A Loser" was made for an exhibition in
which one had to create something funny and the funniest thing the
artist could imagine at this moment was her own life...  "One way to
see America" was made in America, at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts
Center, where Kaljo was in residence.  She had a lot of time and made
long walks.  During this activity she saw numerous signs and
restrictions everywhere; some more bizarre than others which she used
in the end to create a life story.  Lestberg instead exhibits a series
of black and white photographs accompanied by his own text.  In "What
do You read, my Lord?" - from which the title of the exhibition is
derived - the artist simultaneously represents the clothing of a
princess and a soldier.  This exhibition is a beginning exchange
between Estonia and Italy; a corresponding event for Italian artists in
Tallinn, Estonia, curated by Nuova Icona, is in preparation.

On view at Nuova Icona Gallery  from March 4 - 25; Opening hours for
the Gallery are 16:00 - 20:00, Thursday through Sunday.  A publication
with contributions from Anu Liivak, Tamara Luuk, Vittorio Urbani will
be available.

In collaboration with Ambassade d'Estonie, Bruxelles.

Vittorio Urbani

Nuova Icona

Giudecca 454

30133 Venezia

tel.e fax. 041-5210101

email nuovaicona@iol.it