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Wed, 14 Feb 2001 16:18:10 +0100

Invitation to participation


The exhibition will take place in March 24 , 2001.

MAIN IDEA: The expressive discussion of gender relations became a logical=
 result of the annihilation of the sexual borders. The gender differences=
 will be
disappearing more and more in future. What will happen with our society when=
 the laws of nature will be changed to the foreign artificial rules? How  pe=
will looks like after the end of the current _scientific revolution_?

Artists are invited to create a human image of future,to suggest their own=
 view of the following way of life, which will exist due to the genetic engi=
clone technologies, computer and cyber achivements. Will the meanings of=
 _men_, _male_ and _female_ remain in the world of the science totality? If=
 yes, what will be the role of emotions, love, friendship? In which way the=
 mental and soul spheres will be transformed under the pressure of the cyber=
 civilization? =20

The exhibition will be provided with the catalogue, posters and fliers.=20
The international participation is welcome.
Location: Moscow, Russia.   =20

The deadline for getting works and catalogue materials (name and photo of=
 artist, biography in brief, name of the artwork, image of the artwork ) is =
 March 09, 2001.

Required e-mail format: TIFF uncompressed, RAR or ZIP archivated. Maximum=
 volume: 3 MB.=20
Commissary of the exhibition is Helena Kovylina,=20
phone: 	(007095) 179-0174,=20
e-mail: dolly_art@hotmail.ru,
 	kovylina@yahoo.com =20