[artinfo] call for contributions to VOLUME magazine

Adele Eisenstein adele@c3.hu
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 20:17:49 +0100

Happy New Year! We have started a magazine. The name of this magazine
is VOLUME. The first issue will come out jointly with zingmagazine,
and will be shrink-wrapped with the Spring/Summer issue 2001. VOLUME
is a magazine with no text - only drawing. It will be printed in
black and white. Each issue of VOLUME has one theme. The first is
"head" (volume zero) - and will feature drawings of heads only. The
drawings will include artists' drawings, antique drawings, computer
drawings, street drawings, cave drawings - anything, as long as it is
a drawing.
The second issue, (volume one) is about "landscape". The publishing
will be done by a joint venture with Roebling Hall. We are also
negotiating funding from various Dutch organizations. We are
considering the use of advertisements (which will have to be entirely
"drawn" if they are to be included in the magazine itself). We will
go into print twice a year. The Art Director of VOLUME is Eric Pryor.
He has worked as Creative Director of L'uomo Vogue and Vogue
Australia, as well as Senior Art Director of Vogue. Eric has also
held creative positions at Out, Interview, and Paper.
We are inviting you to submit a selection of drawings of heads (drawn
especially for VOLUME or from your portfolio of past work). Please
submit drawings to us by mail. All work should be supplied as a
transparency/slide or digital computer file. All submitted artwork
should be Apple Macintosh compatible.
The deadline for the first issue "head" (volume zero), is February 17th 2001.
We will not return the work unless you send in the work accompanied
with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We will try to take good
care of your materials, but to prevent any misfortune please do not
send us originals but try to send in the work on disk with a high
resolution, slide or other reproduction of good quality. All work
received will be considered for the project, and the selection will
be made by the editors and the art director. All copyrights will
remain with the participating artists, and this will be mentioned in
the magazine.
If you received this mail and are not an artist, but have artists or
artworks to suggest, you can forward this mail to artists you think
would be right for this project.

My mailing address has changed, please contact me at:
Sebastiaan Bremer
151 1st Avenue #134
NYC, NY 10003

Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this
project -- or if you have any questions or suggestions.
Email your response to deia@rcn.com or to Serge Onnen at sergeonnen@scarlet.nl
- - - - -
VOLUME is an international drawing magazine that consists of an
absolute minimum of text and a maximum of image. Found drawings,
comics, manuals, tattoos, graffiti, ancient drawings, cave drawings,
drawings from old masters and contemporary artists. Drawings in any
shape or form will make up the editorial content. Everything that
fits within the theme of the issue takes part in a drawn dialogue.
VOLUME will be a Tower of Babel where drawing is the language.
VOLUME will be assembled and presented in NY and Amsterdam. We want
the magazine to be distributed in as many places as possible, keeping
in mind that the total number of issues will be limited (therefore
collectible). Whether you're in New York City, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo
or Paris, there will always be a place where you can find VOLUME.
The first issue will be printed mostly in black & white. We are
working with a loosely formed roster of artists/collaborators who
will contribute to the various issues and who will suggest other
artists' works for VOLUME. We will strive to make two issues every
year with a specific theme. The first will be "head" - simply meaning
that all drawings must be of a head. The second issue is "landscape",
in which the horizons will be lined up from page to page - like a
cadavre exqui of the nonexistent line.
We will choose themes that can be widely interpreted, but that are
visually very obvious. This will give us the opportunity to give the
magazine a graphically clear sound. Drawings lose relatively little
in print, because in most cases they are merely transported from one
paper to another. All the VOLUMEs combined, as we envision it, will
result in an incomplete, randomly organized, hand rendered alphabet
of drawing. The editors of VOLUME want to make this magazine, (which
to our surprise, is the first of its kind) an artists' space on paper.
The following artists have been contacted to contribute to VOLUME;
Vik Muniz, Ernesto Neto, Donald Baechler, Shahzia Sikander, Guy
Richard Smit, Gerben Mulder, Richard Phillips, Elise Tak, Paul de
Reus, Hans Broek, Jurriaan Molenaar, Mathilde ter Heyne, Sarah Sze
and Arturo Herrera (the list goes on). Each artist is asked to submit
a small selection of drawings for each issue (3-10 drawings).

Sebastiaan Bremer is a New York based artist and curated a 3D special
for New York's zingmagazine Winter 2000 Issue, Blueprint (a limited
edition artists' book) and has organized several shows in New York.
He is represented by Roebling Hall in Brooklyn.

Serge Onnen is an Amsterdam based artist who curated the 2000 drawing
show, 'Sans Papiers' at Consortium in Amsterdam. He was previously an
editor of the Dutch art and literature magazine Kastalia. Serge has
made several artist books and artist contributions for zingmagazine
(US), Theme Park (UK) and Tirade (NL).

Adele Eisenstein
project coordinator
C3: Center for Culture & Communication
Pf. 419, H-1537 Budapest, Hungary
(Budapest 1014, Orszaghaz u. 9)
Phone: +361 214 6856, 488 7070
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