[artinfo] (fwd) Challenge of computer games / call for papers

Sugar Janos sj@c3.hu
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 00:15:53 +0100


International Conference
Challenge of computer games

University of Lodz, Poland
25 =AD 27 October 2002

Department of Media and Audio-Visual Culture, University of
Lodz, invites submissions of papers examining the phenomenon of
computer games. The conference will provide an opportunity to
discuss computer games in the broad context of sociology,
aesthetics, psychology, pedagogy, and other areas. We also
welcome interdisciplinary papers dealing with computer games
design and with the economic aspects of the computer games

The following issues are suggested for discussion:
* History and prehistory of computer games;
* Computer games and traditional media;
* Social impact of computer games;
* Computer games in global and local cultures;
* Sociology of gamers and gamers=92 subcultures
* Production and distribution of computer games;
* Ethics and axiology of computer games: violence in games;
* Gender and computer games;
* Narratology of computer games;
* Interactivity;
* Multi-user games.

A selection of the conference papers will be published. The
language of the conference will be English and Polish.
Presentations should last not more than 30 minutes.
Conference fee is 50 USD.

If you wish to propose a paper, please send an abstract of no more
than 300 words together with a short biographical note by 15th
=46ebruary 2002 to:

Piotr Sitarski
University of Lodz
Department of Media and Audio-Visual Culture
ul. Sienkiewicza 21, 90-114 Lodz, Poland
tel/fax: 48 42 639 01 33email: sitarski@krysia.uni.lodz.pl=20