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dLux media arts is calling for works

d>art02 is dLux media arts 5th Inter/national showcase of screen and
time-based media held in conjunction with the 49th Sydney Film Festival.
d>art02 eventuates as an inter/national program highlighting ambitious,
radical and experimental concerns from media practitioners from all over the
globe. d.art02 is a platform to expose established and emerging experimental
media makers to each other, to their peers, to a broader audience and
formulates as screenings, an exhibition and a forum in June 2002 in Sydney.

dLux media arts, is currently seeking work that is spicy, pivotal,
speculative, generative, compelling and outright innovative for d>art02.
Artists who engage in film, sound, web and interactive media are invited to
submit their wares to d.art02.

Deadline for entries: February 2oth 2002

No entrys fees apply, artists will be paid a once only fee if their work is
Those submitting to the exhibition component must contact Leah Grycewicz -

For an entry from get online - http://www.dlux.org.au/dart02 or
alternatively request one for your mail box by calling the dLux office on 02
9380 4255.

dLux media arts

Leah Grycewicz, Curator
Panos Couros, General Manager

PO Box 306 Paddington
NSW 2021 Australia
tel 61 2 9380 4255
fax 61 2 9380 4311

Please, post to the list info about calls for video festivals and screenings.

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