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Arts Management Newsletter No.5 (12/2001)
An information service by Arts Management Network
Christmas time and the near end of this year is a chance to remind on what
was happen during the last months. We see the concerns and fears in the
world since the terror attacks. But we have also felt a deep solidarity and
help between people of different origins and cultures. We think, this secon=
aspect is what we should take into the next year.
The year 2001 was the most successful year for our network since our
foundation in 1996. With launching this international newsletter edition in
august and rising the number of pageviews at our website from 20.000 last
december up to 80.000 this month, the network has been established as an
important voice and information tool for arts managers around the world.
A reason for the more living network was the work of our reporter team. Thi=
is now the time to express our thankfulness to them for their support.
We have took part at a lot of meetings, conferences and courses during this
year. This was the opportunity to meet interesting people as well as
exciting topics. And we've given our first own seminar, which has been well
run and was a starting point for new short-time courses in 2002.
This last issue for this year has the special focus of Cultural Economics.
The newsletter contains a collection of the most popular resources and
well-known organisations in this field in order to improve your knowledge
and find out, what's going on.
We also want to encourage you to visit our online book store and find out
some gifts for your colleagues, friends or for yourself. More than 200
up-to-date books are waiting for your interest and online ordering.
We would be happy to keep you as critical and attentive readers, and if you
can rise the popularity of our network among your friends and business
partners. You can really expect an immense number of new ideas and tools fo=
Merry christmas and a peaceful new year!
Yours Dirk Heinze & Dirk Schuetz
1. Journal of Cultural Economics
2. Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI)
3. International Center for Art Economics - ICARE
4. Institute for International Music and Cultural Economics
5. The Law and Economics of Artists' Inalienable Rights
6. Link Collection of Arts Economics Issues
7. Book of the month: Arts & Economics, by Bruno Frey
8. Course of the month: Columbia University Teacher's College New York
9. Evaluation for Evolution
10.Upcoming events

1. Journal of Cultural Economics

Cultural economics is the application of economic analysis to all of the
creative and performing arts, the heritage and cultural industries, whether
publicly or privately owned. It is concerned with the economic organization
of the cultural sector and with the behavior of producers, consumers and
governments in that sector. The subject includes a range of approaches,
mainstream and radical, neoclassical, welfare economics, public policy and
institutional economics.
The editors and editorial board of the Journal of Cultural Economics seek t=
attract the attention of the economics profession to this branch of
economics, as well as those in related disciplines and arts practitioners
with an interest in economic issues. The Journal of Cultural Economics
publishes original papers that deal with the theoretical  development of
cultural economics as a subject, the application of economic analysis and
econometrics to the field of culture, and with the economic aspects of
cultural policy. Besides full-length papers,research notes and short
communications are also published.

More: http://kapis.www.wkap.nl/journalhome.htm/0885-2545

2. Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI)

The Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI) is a scientific
society that includes academic scholars, government officials, foundation
officials, managers of arts and cultural organizations, and artists, united
in their interest in furthering understanding of the economic aspects of th=
arts and culture in their own countries and throughout the world. It holds
international research conferences every two years, sponsors small
conferences, workshops, and sessions concerned with cultural economics at
meetings of other scientific societies.

More information: http://www.dac.neu.edu/economics/n.alper/acei/

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3. International Center for Art Economics - ICARE

The International Center for Art Economics - ICARE, was established in
Venice in 1991 by the University of Venice, Ca' Foscari and the Istituto
Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (I.U.A.V.).
The Center has been operative for seven years in collaboration with leading
economic experts in this field, including William Baumol, Bruno Frey,
Gianfranco Mossetto, Dick Netzer, Alan Peacock, Robert Tollison, David
Thorsby and many others. The current Chairman of the Board is Gianfranco
Mossetto, Professor of Cultural Economics at the University of Venice, Ca'
Foscari. The Center's research topics focus on the analysis and regulation
of the art market, on the study of the functioning of cultural organization=
and cultural behaviours.
ICARE has also developed a documentation center and has held a number of
seminars, workshops and tuition sessions both for senior and junior scholar=
from all over the world. Unfortunately ICARE's website is currently under

Details: http://helios.unive.it/~icare/

4. Institute for International Music and Cultural Economics (IIMK)

In 1998 the independent, non-profit Institute for International Music and
Cultural Economics (IIMK) has been established in Hamburg by a group of
German scientists and artists. The institute is aimed for promotion and
support of intercultural exchange with particular focus on international
arts and its corresponding economic topics and problems. Thus, the institut=
hopes to rouse and broaden the intercultural understanding and empathy as
well as the competency in cultural economics on an international level.
Within this framework the institute specialises on problems of cultural
modernisation and globalization with a particular emphasis on communication
technologies and new media and the impact on international cultural
development and exchange.

More about this: http://members.aol.com/IIMK/IMKengl.html

5. The Law and Economics of Artists' Inalienable Rights

This paper by Michael Rushton (University of Regina, Canada) provides an
overview of the economic analysis of inalienability, here defined in the
narrow sense of restrictions on whether and how ownership of a right may be
transferred to someone else. It then considers three aspects of the laws
relating to artists and their works that are subject to some inalienability
restrictions: droit de suite, moral rights, and unconstitutional conditions=
It is suggested that inalienability restrictions designed to achieve
distributional goals are probably misguided, and that although in theory on=
could derive some efficiency arguments for inalienability rules, in practic=
it is not clear that they apply to these examples from the laws relating to

Abstracts: http://kapis.www.wkap.nl/oasis.htm/333103

6. Link Collection of Arts Economics Issues

Because of the close relationship to Arts Marketing, you can find a high
quantity of links with searching for marketing issues, too. Here is only a
choice of links:

By Harry Hillman Chartrand: http://www.culturaleconomics.atfreeweb.com/
Fuel 4 Arts Case Studies: http://www.fuel4arts.com/howto/index.cfm?menu=3D8
Arts Australia Research and Ticketing: http://www.artsoz.com.au
ArtsWire bibliography: http://camt.artswire.org/clearinghouse/economic.cfm
Article by M. Mokre: http://www.artsmanagement.net/cultural_economics.html
Broadway's influence to economy: http://www.livebroadway.com/research.html
WoPEc database: http://netec.mcc.ac.uk/WoPEc/data/JEL/Z1.html

7. Book of the month: Arts & Economics, by Bruno Frey

Using the economic point of view for an analysis of phenomena related to
artistic activities, Arts & Economics not only challenges widely held
popular views, but also offers an alternative perspective to sociological o=
art historic approaches. The wide range of subjects presented are of curren=
interest and, above all, relevant for cultural policy. The issues discussed
include: institutions from festivals to "superstar" museums, different mean=
of supporting the arts, including the question whether artistic creativity
is undermined by public intervention, an investigation into art as an
investment, the various approaches applied when valuing our cultural
properties, or why, in a comparative perspective, direct voter participatio=
in cultural policy is not antagonistic to artistic values.
Challenges popular views of phenomena related to artistic activities,
offering an alternative perspective using the economic point of view.
Presents subjects of current interest, from superstar museums to different
means of supporting the arts, that are relevant for cultural policy.

More books about Arts Economics:

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8. Course of the month: Columbia University Teacher's College New York

Since 1980, Columbia University in New York City has offered a master
program in arts administration. The core curriculum of this program
represents an unusual alliance of the faculties of three professional
schools: Teachers College, the Graduate School of Business, and the Columbi=
Law School. This program prepares students for both managing the visual and
the performing arts. The core curriculum includes marketing, accounting,
strategic planning, fundraising, business policy, and law in the arts.
Besides these core requirements, the student can choose electives from
schools all over Columbia to expand his knowledge in arts education,
business administration, journalism, or acting.
Although the terror attacks of September 11 had a large impact on the every
day life in New York, the City is still, or even more than ever, one of the
cultural capitals of the world and an ideal milieu for an arts administrato=
with its outstanding concert halls, opera houses, museums and its
multicultural communities. Participation in New York=B9s cultural life is a=
extra-curricular must for every arts administration student.
[contributed by Oliver Inteeworn, reporter of Arts Management Network]

Details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/education/newyork2.html
or get in contact our reporter and course participant Oliver Inteeworn.
Email: inteeworn@kulturmanagement.net

9. Evaluation for Evolution

Securing and improving the quality of education in arts management becomes
more and more important. Members of the European Network of Cultural
Administration Training Centres (ENCATC) were invited to Vienna last weeken=
to learn more about evaluation. Evaluation is an effective
quality-measurement, management and marketing tool, which helps to promote
training activities successfully to internal and external target groups
(students, cultural managers, the public and media, trainers, governmental
and funding bodies). Discussions and lessons were focused on questions abou=
the way of preparation of students for their professions, about the skills
of the trainers, the comparison of curricula or methods of analyzing data.
Arts Management Network was guest at the meeting and seminar of ENCATC.

More details: http://www.encatc.org

10. Upcoming events

dec 15-18: ISPA, 54th annual Conference, New York City
jan 23-26: Internat. Conference on Cultural Policy Research, Wellington NZ
feb 3-8: Promoting Rights and Development through the Arts, Oxford UK

All events with details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/events.html

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