[artinfo] Shared Habitat Festival of Art and The Environment,

Jim Ruxton cinetron@passport.ca
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 11:41:10 +0100

	Shared Habitat Festival of Art and The Environment, 
an interdisciplinary festival of site-specific art, science and ecology, 
is looking for proposals for 

Shared Habitat 2: Dance and Biology, to be held in Toronto in June 2003.

	We are looking for: 
1) proposals from dance artists or interdisciplinary teams of artists who wish to collaborate with a biologist; 
2) proposals from biological scientists who wish to collaborate with an artist or team of artists; 
3) proposals from those who are both artists and scientists.

	Projects should address one of the festival's twin themes 
- Form and Temporality: Bodies in Time, or Perception: Making Visible the Invisible -
with the aim of creating an original work to be performed/exhibited as part of the festival. A symposium for all participants will be held in September, 2002 for participants to meet and exchange ideas prior to embarking on projects. 

	Proposal deadline Feb 1, 2002. 

For more information see http://www.atlasmoveswatching.com or phone 416-486-0634. Proposals should include relevant c.v.'s and videos or slides of artist's work, and be sent
to Shared Habitat, c/o 117 Lawrence Ave. W., Toronto ON, M5M 1A7.

Please email Rebecca  at:  becket@sympatico.ca  for more info.