[artinfo] Position Available: Director, New Media Research Studio, Gotland

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Subject: Position Available: Director, New Media Research Studio, Gotland,
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 09:28:12 +0000

Dear All,

The Interactive Institute in Sweden is currently seeking a studio
director for a new research studio for interactive media opening
on 1 September 2001 in Gotland, Sweden.

While it is hoped to fill the position quickly, applications from
international candidates are welcome. Please distribute the following
to any colleagues, associates, members, friends, acquaintances, etc.
who might be interested in this position.

My apologies if this is _not_ of interest!

Craig lindley

Interactive Institute is looking for an innovative
research leader for a stimulating job in an
innovative research environment

    Interactive Institute is a research institute with close links to=20
universities and industry. It is a leader in Scandinavia in
interdisciplinary research and development in the field of digital media.=20
Our aim is to become a leader in Europe and compete with
international players in the field. The Institute currently employs almost=
130 researchers in Stockholm Gothenburg, Malm=F6 and Ume=E5, and
conducts and publishes world-class research, creating innovative concepts=20
for new digital products and services. The institute is a public
company owned by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic research.

    We are looking for a person who will take on the challenge of building=
up and leading our new research studio in Visby on the island
of Gotland. In close collaboration with industry, colleges and universities,=
this studio will conduct research around how the game form can
influence and develop learning processes, experiences, simulation,=20
entertainment and play. This is interdisciplinary research into art,
technology, moving pictures and music with a focus on the development of=20

    Interactive Institute is a young research institute well on its way to=
becoming the European leader in IT and digital media. We devote
ourselves to innovative research with a common involvement in producing -=20
with the aid of new technology and digital media - ideas and
concepts focussing on people=92s needs. The institute stands midway between=
academia and industry, combining scientific methods with
innovation, entrepreneurship and business development.

    You should have a university degree or the equivalent. We want women to=
apply, as men are in a majority among our studio
leaders. You should have a good command of English.

   As an individual you are responsible and service-minded with a strong=20
ability to take the initiative. Social skills are important; both your
research team and our partners set great store by it.

   You are goal-oriented. You have a dynamic leadership style, and are the=
person to create good opportunities for your co-workers.

   You have solid experience as a producer within media, preferably with a=
specialism in digital media or digital games. You are
experienced at leading staff forward in production processes with=20
inspiration and a sense of fun. You have good experience of leadership,
responsibility for staff and budgets in projects and/or organisations

    Your duties

   You will start by recruiting a research team consisting of professors,=20
hackers, artists, stage designers, computer specialists, PR people
and so on, so as together with these co-workers to build the studio=20
according to established goals.

   Within 6 months you will have approximately 10 researchers in your studio=
working closely together to establish and build networks with
industry, the public sector, artists and the other research studios in the=

   You will be able to lead and be responsible for the researchers in your=
studio and be responsible for the budget.

   You will create an innovative working studio, and together with your=20
researchers seek to meet the goals of the studio and the institute.

    Applications at latest by 30th July. Applications should reach us by=20
30th July at the latest. The application together with a CV should
be sent to: katarina.bjork@interactiveinstitute.se

   Queries regarding this post can be directed to:

Katarina Bj=F6rk, katarina.bjork@interactiveinstitute.se, Mobile:=20

=46or further information on Interactive Institute visit our homepage