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Nicola Triscott nicola@artscat.demon.co.uk
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 22:57:15 +0200


The Arts Catalyst, the science-art agency and Hull Time-Based Arts
present the


10 AM - 5 PM Saturday September 15 2001

Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

Artist or scientist, have you got an idea for art in space? This is
your chance to share it with other like-minded people and
organisations. The UK Space Art forum is an annual meeting for artists
and scientists interested in the artistic possibilities of space

Previous forums have included presentations by Cornelia Parker, who
has outlined her plans for sending a meteorite into space and Dragan
Zhivadinov and Marko Peljhan who produced an entire theatre
in zero-gravity. Organisations represented have been The National
Space Science Centre, The Arts Council of England, Jodrell Bank, The
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,  the Sci-art Consortium, Daimler-Benz
Space Division,  Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine
and the Association of Autonomous Astronauts.

This year we will focus on work about human and robotic space
exploration. The special guest speaker will be Richard Kriesche, the
Austrian space art pioneer who made a ground based robotic performance
in 1990 controlled by the MIR cosmonauts. He hopes to be able to show
previously unknown footage from the last ever mission to MIR before it
burnt up in the atmosphere.

How to attend - simply send a 200 word outline to saf@artscatalyst.org
or fax it to 0207 377 0298, saying whether you will use slides, video
(vhs format) or laptop and giving a telephone contact as well as
email.  There is no deadline but we will accept participants on a
first-served basis.  You will get 10 minutes to present your idea.
Admission and refreshments are free.

If you do not want to speak or if the list is full admission is 10.00.

The UK Space Art Forum takes place alongside SPACE: from the Earth's
gravity to the surface of Mars, an exhibition of work by Brian
Griffiths, Luke Jerram,  Debra Solomon,  Claudia Reiche & Helene von
Oldenburg.(runs until Tuesday 18th September)

UK SAF participants are particularly welcome to join Debra Solomon's
Artist-Astronaut performance programme. Thursday 13th + Friday 14th
September. Artists have been excluded from space exploration. Set the
matter straight - join Debra Solomon on a trip to the year 2035 to
pick up your lifetime achievement award for art in space. 5
participants per performance, selection by application forms - go to
www.timebase.org/space/index.htm and follow the Artist-Astronaut links
for more information and application form.

More info on Space Art on www.artscatalyst.org
More info on HTBA on www.timebase.org

Richard Kriesche's participation is supported by the Austrian Cultural

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