[artinfo] SirCam virus

Janos Sugar sj@c3.hu
Sat, 4 Aug 2001 12:44:50 +0200

>KIEV, Ukraine--A Ukrainian Web site said Thursday it had received secret=
 documents from the administration of President Leonid Kuchma as the result=
 of the SirCam worm infecting government computers and e-mailing the files.
>"The SirCam virus, having infected the computers in the presidential=
 administration, is bombarding our editorial department with their=
 documents," said the ForUm news Web site.  Administration officials=
 declined to say whether their security had been breached but told Reuters=
 they had started an investigation into whether any of their computers were=
 infected with viruses.=20
>ForUm printed one of the documents it said it received: a timetable for=
 Kuchma's movements on the Ukraine's 10th anniversary of independence later=
 this month. Kuchma's exact movements are usually a tightly guarded secret.=
>The SirCam worm, which first emerged in July, arrives as an e-mail=
 attachment and sends copies of itself to names and addresses in the=
 infected computer's address book.=20