[artinfo] call for contributions (web projects

Marcus Neustetter m_n@mweb.co.za
Thu, 2 Aug 2001 11:01:03 +0200

    =A0CALL  for Contribution. =A0=20
I am working on an exhibition in september 5-12th  called  online | offline=
 at the Rand Afrikaans University as part of an Annual  Web Conference.=20
this is a project that is unfortunately not just a low budget,  but a no=
 budget show. We are getting good equipment, computers connected to the =
 web, invites, an opening, an audience etc. but no money, so i am not=A0able=
  to offer artists fees! =20
Have a look and let me know if there is an interest  to submit online works=
 that could be shown. I am also interested in works that  deal with the web=
 and can and are meant to be printed on-site such as chainmail  works etc. =

ONLINE |  OFFLINE =A0is an exhibition for the 3rd Annual Conference on =
 World Wide Web Applications. The exhibition's aim is to expose web-related =
 issues and illustrate how experiences of them are dealt with on and off the=

=A0One part of the exhibition features a range of  websites presented on=
 computers, inviting the visitor to participate and  interact. These are=
 sites of interest that elaborate on or indirectly illustrate  problems and=
 possibilities of being online.=20

=A0The intention of addressing web-related issues such  as accessibility,=
 open source culture, relationships of time, space and body,  and=
 interactivity, serves to illustrate a conceptual and technical framework =
 within which web projects and their participators operate. =20

=A0The second section of the exhibition focuses on works  and projects off=
 the computer that allude to similar concerns, challenges and  resulting=

 rgrds =A0 =A0 | | |=A0 | |=A0  =A0 marcus neustetter =A0 +27+11 646 3172
083 407 3730
m_n@mweb.co.za =A0 =A0