[artinfo] Experiment Austria

Andreas Broeckmann abroeck@transmediale.de
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 18:13:25 +0200

The new issue of the eiPCP's electronic journal is now online: Experiment
Austria - http://www.eipcp.net

'Experiment Austria' is a collection of texts which were written during the
first year of the Freedom Party's (FP=D6) participation in the Austrian
government and which attempt to analyse the Austrian situation within a
broader context: from the emphatic speech given by Pierre Bourdieu at the
conference 'sektor3/kultur' in March 2000, and Slavoj Zizeks controversial
thesis on Joerg Haider, to Chantal Mouffes recently published analyses of
the mistakes made by the Austrian opposition parties.

These attempts to draw lessons from the Austrian experience for a
transnational coalition against right-wing populism and radicalism are
supplemented by replies and comments from Austrian contributors.

'Experiment Austria' is designed to be supplemented regularly. Please send
your contributions and comments to: contact@eipcp.net.

european institute for Progressive Cultural Policies
Andrea Hummer, Therese Kaufmann, Raimund Minichbauer, Gerald Raunig