[artinfo] support The Thing !!

Josephine Bosma jesis@xs4all.nl
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 12:44:27 +0200

(a The Thing valoban kulonleges, megeri a tamogatast. sj)

'We live in the Digital Dark Ages', said Brian Eno recently at the Doors
of Perception conference. Most of our culture today will be lost for
future generations. Whether this is so not only depends on the unstable
technologies we work with, it mostly depends on the way we treat our
heritage. This heritage not only consists of texts and artworks, but it
also includes first and foremost the digital spaces these can sprout
from and reside in. 

One such space, The Thing New York, is now in a critical phase. For a
few years already this famous, even legendary server and host to
numerous cultural endevours is having trouble staying afloat. Funders
that were approached for help have neglected it in favor of new kids on
the block. Art institutions have failed to see the cultural necessity of
giving support to an institution that has an openness they don't
understand. Something needs to be done to open the eyes of both funders
and the general audience, in order to support and save this important
digital monument. The Thing definitely is such a monument even if it,
like most physical monumental buildings, is still part of a lively

Read how you can support The Thing. Other actions to follow.