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66 East 4th Street between Second Ave and Bowery; Subway: F to Second Ave, =
6 to Astor Place
(Satellite programs at various locations April 11 - May 9)
Visit www.videolounge.org for complete program information

>From our neighbors to the North and South to the far reaches of Haiti, Rom=
ania, Singapore and Russia, the second annual Outer Limits Film and Video S=
eries presents a rare gathering of independent films and videos from more t=
han 15 countries exploring a large terrain of ideas, including digital imag=
e and sound abstraction, voyeurism, global activism, and tourism.  Outer Li=
mits focuses on short film and video from the far reaches of the globe (out=
side of the U.S. - in the =93outer limits=94), including special programs f=
rom Finland, Qu=E9bec, and the Netherlands, and work from the U.S. that foc=
uses on aspects of the global cultural experience.   Seven distinct program=
s - fiercely independent, humorous, subversive, challenging and insightful =
- will take place at Millennium Film Workshop in New York from May 3 - 5, 2=
001, with satellite events taking place at multiple venues from April 11 - =
May 9, 2001.  Video installations will also be on view at Millennium Film W=
orkshop from May 3 - 5.

Outer Limits is presented by Video Lounge, a bi-weekly forum for animation,=
 experimental and documentary video by emerging artists which took place at=
 the Knitting Factory from 1992 - 2001, and Perimeter Media + Culture Proje=
cts, a media arts organization that presents the New York Animation Festiva=
l and other events.
(*Animators! NYAF deadline reminder: May 15, 2001. Complete an application =
now at www.nyaf.org)

4th St):

*DVM 01/ digital video of Montr=E9al (55 minutes)
Thursday, May 3, 7 pm / $6
A video program of Montr=E9al-based artists exploring the new possibilities=
 of experimentation with digital imagery. Presented by Perte de signal & PR=

*The Target Shoots First (1999, 70 minutes) by Chris Wilcha
Thursday, May 3, 9 pm / $6
"Guerrilla infiltration? Or a sly spin on corporate marketing? Subversives =
aside, The Target Shoots First is a hilarious, hyper peek inside that mail-=
order music monster, Columbia House." -Steve Seid
Preceded by Copy Shop (2000, Austria, 12 minutes) by Virgil Widrich; The st=
ory of a man who copies himself until he fills up the entire world.

*View Finder (73 minutes)
Friday, May 4, 7 pm / $6
A visual puzzle exploring voyeurism, obsession, desire and the communicatio=
n of memories; this international program includes: Gefuehlsrecht (Raum.Fil=
m, Austria), Schizophrenic State (Guli Silberstein, USA/Israel), Preview (K=
aroussos Katerina, Greece), Kastanienalle (Johanna Jensen, Sweden), Leaving=
 (Sharon Paz, USA), Authorised Only (Sari Tervaniemi, Finland), Half-Life  =
(William Blue, USA), On looking, closed eye vision & animal photography (Ka=
i Syng Tan, Singapore), Noise (Zoran Todorovic, Yugoslavia), Tell / purple =
(Sally Gutierrez, USA), and Youth Action (Mike Stubbs, UK).  Curated by Rac=
hel Melman.

*Dutch Approach (70 Minutes)
Friday, May 4, 9 pm  / $6
An All-Genre Rollercoaster Trip from the Dutch Mountains to the Deep Gutter=
s of Netherlands Suburbia.  Organized by The PARbros.

*Meet and Greet the Artists and Media Arts Organizers
Saturday, May 5, 3 pm / FREE
Find out more about international and local artist run collectives at this =
informal discussion.  Guests include: Paula Toppila  (Curator, Finnish Fund=
 for Art Exchange), Susanna Santala  (Director, AV-arkki, Finland), Pekka N=
iskanen  (AV-arkki, Finland), Sari Tervaniemi (artist, Finland), Robin Dupu=
is (Perte de signal, Montr=E9al), S=E8bastien  Pesot (Perte de signal. Mont=
r=E9al), Wilfred van den Berg (The PARbros, Netherlands) and Niels Post (Th=
e PARbros, Netherlands).

*MMM...(But Not For Marabou) Video from Finland organized by AV=B7ARKKI (63=
Saturday, May 5, 5 pm  / $6
Works that examine and analyze the medium of video, narration and on the ex=
perimental structures of storytelling. These stories are situated in places=
 - home, summer house, deserted house, urban apartments, a journey that bec=
ome signs for mental states, states of mind. Presented By AV-ARKKI and cura=
ted by Tiina Erkintalo and Paula Toppila.

*Framing The Tour: Global Tourists and Residents (55 Minutes)
Saturday, May 5, 7 pm / $6
How do we construct our experiences as global tourists or residents of plac=
es foreign and familiar? Six media artists take it on the road to find out.=
  Includes: Dream #2 (Christine Catsifas, 2000), Tourist (Rich Sullivan, 19=
98), Steaming With The Prez (Pegi Vail & Melvin Estrella, 2000), Lezenvisib=
 (Korbett Matthews, 2000), Little England (Mike Stubbs, 1998), and Nine Gui=
ded Tours (Michael Gitlin, 2000).  Curated by Matt Isaac.
Preceded by The Little Friend (Mark Milloff, 2000, 10 minutes) An artist wo=
rking in his studio discovers & captures a small creature.

*No Time for Shopping: Shorts by Global Activists (65 Minutes)
Saturday, May 5, 9 pm=09/ $6
Media artists bring global activism "home" to local communities, includes D=
efending the Forests: The Struggle of The Campesino Environmentalists of Gu=
errero (Chiapas Media Project), Prague: Revolution is The Solution (People=
=92s Video Network), Devils in Blue Dress Solution (People=92s Video Networ=
k), No Time for Shopping (Reed O=92Beirne), Scenes from Jan 20 (People's Vi=
deo Network), and The Pie's The Limit (Whispered Media), in which the bioti=
c baking brigade takes it to the streets with their own recipe of political=
 pie-throwings! Curated by Pat Doyen.

Saturday, May 5, 10 pm=09/ $5 at free103point9 Second Floor/Third Floor per=
formance space
97 South 6th Street between Bedford and Berry in Williamsburg (L Train to B=
edford, walk south 15 blocks, right after the bridge; or J/M/Z to Marcy, wa=
lk west on Broadway)
DJs, live video mixing, and performances by: I-Sound, Art Jones (live video=
 mixing with special guest DJ), Krakatoa (complicated rock music), Tali Hin=
kis and Kyle Lapidus (noise and video), DJ Dizzy and the Matt Bua suitcase =
Orchestra, DJ Le Spam (Miami, FL), DJ Gilles, DJ Dave, and other special gu=
ests.  Home sick with a cold? Eavesdrop in at 91.9-FM in Northern Brooklyn =
(Greenpoint to Dumba, Bushwick to Crown Heights) or 103.9-FM on the Southsi=
de of Williamsburg.

 4th St.
On view Thursday and Friday (May 3 & 4), 6:30 pm - 10pm; Saturday (May 5), =
3:00 pm - 10pm

*The PARbros.  Hollandsch Watermanagement Monument For Hans Brinker
Premiere Exhibition In NYC (www.parbros.demon.nl)
A story in the book Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates is called: The Hero o=
f Haarlem. A young blonde boy hears water dripping through a dike. He puts =
his finger in the hole and saves the city of flooding. The Dutch called the=
 boy Hans Brinker and in Spaarndam is a statue.

*Time: 5 minutes
What can happen in the time/space of 5 minutes? Sleep or be killed. Stare i=
nto space or a lit match. How fast or slow is five minutes. Videos shown si=
multaneously on separate monitors.  Curated by Carrie Dashow.  Artists Incl=
ude: Matt Bua, Caroline Conger, Carrie Dashow, Rick Delaney, Tirtza Even, M=
asha Godovannaya, Jacob Hartman, Tali Hinkis, Rob Homsi, Galen Joseph-Hunte=
r, Rachel Melman, Rostopasca Group, and Erin Thurlow.

The following upcoming programs of international film and video are present=
ed by other organizations and groups, taking place throughout New York City=

*Boundless: Videos by Latin American Artists
Monday, April 30 at 8:30pm / $5
Ocularis at Galapagos Art & Performance Space
70 North 6th St. at Williamsburg, Brooklyn / 718.388.8713 www.ocularis.net
A survey of recent works by emerging and established Latin American artists=
 working with video to render a range of expression, from a lyrical journey=
 through the city of Havana to recycled romanticism and the playful subvers=
ion of popular culture.  Curated by Eur=EDdice Arratia and co-presented wit=
h The Mexican Cultural Institute.

*Christian Lebrat (Films & Performance 1976-85)
Tuesday, May 1 at 9:00pm / $5
The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema at Collective Unconscious
145 Ludlow Street / www.rbmc.net
Christian Lebrat=92s films decompose the image into particles (strips of li=
ght) exploding the frame, creating new intensities of color. Between 1976-8=
5 he realized 8 films, including a self-portrait & several live performance=

*Open Veins of The Americas
Monday May 7 at 8:30pm / $5
Ocularis at Galapagos Art & Performance Space
70 North 6th St. at Williamsburg, Brooklyn / 718.388.8713 / www.ocularis.ne=
Ocularis And Third World Newsreel (www.twn.org), one of the oldest alternat=
ive media arts organizations in the u.s., present a selection of new and cl=
assic documentaries From Third World Newsreel's extensive collection of ind=
ependent and social issue media by and about people of color and the people=
s of developing countries around the world.

*Cinema Tropical
Wednesday, May 9 at 7:00pm / $7
Two Boots Pioneer Theatre
155 East 3rd St. at Avenue A / 212.254.3300 / www.cinematropical.com
The premiere screening for Cinema Tropical - a dedicated space for Latin Am=
erican cinema in New York. Visit www.cinematropical.com for specific film t=
itles and schedule.

Wednesday, May 9 at 8:00pm / $5
Art in General
79 Walker Street / 212.219.0473 / www.artingeneral.org
>From behind the camera, documentarians explore the impact of absence on th=
eir families. An American G.I. stationed in the Philippines and a Swedish m=
an unwilling to except his paternity become the subjects in Pix by Lester A=
lfonso and Dad And Me/Pappa Och Jag by Linda V=E4strik. Organized by Randi =

Supporters and Collaborators:

Outer Limits is made possible in part by the New York State Council on the =
Arts, a state agency, and Presentation Funds, a program of the Experimental=
 Television Center supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, and=
 is supported by the Consulate General of Canada, Qu=E9bec Government House=
, Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York, The American-Scandinavi=
an Foundation, The Gershwin Hotel, and ARTBYTE: The Magazine Of Digital Cul=

Collaborating organizations include Anthology Film Archives; Mexican Cultur=
al Institute of New York; Ocularis; Art in General, and the Robert Beck Mem=
orial Cinema.

Contact Outer Limits: outerlimits@inorbit.com
Program hotline: (212) 479-7742

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