[artinfo] [BAN] ZAYAC No 5

Melentie Pandilovski mpandil@soros.org.mk
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 12:47:11 +0200

The Contemporary Art  Center - Skopje, Macedonia
cordially invites you to attend the promotion of the Internet magazine

and the
New video spot of the music group "String Forces"
made in co production wit the Contemporary Art Center - Skopje.


Wednesday, 11.04.2001, at 20.00 hrs.
CIX Gallery
(Orce Nikolov 109)Information about :

In new issue of ZAYAC the authors are attempting to give their own views
on the actual situation in the cultural life in the community where they
Ivanka Apostolova is comenting and providing short briefing on events in
media-culture and cultural politics that some media are trying to
Dejan Spasovic is conveying a story about traditional instruments from
the territory of the Balkan peninsula and in the same time he is asking
the question which of those instruments are really traditional and have
ethnic marks.
Ana Bakalinova is making systematic research and bringing to us new
information about E-commerce.
Bobi Stojanovski in his project " Urban Life " is attempting to explain 
stereotypes in urban way of live.
Phreddy Lee is present with his cycle of photographs titled "Pretty nice 
day (for a party).
Slavko Popushilic VS Kofalanja is making fun of current events on the 
political scene through a kind of " Strip-Trip".
In new issue of ZAYAC there are reports about two big projects that took
place on the end of 2000 and beginning of 2001.
"Tik Tak Tok", a co production between CAC-Skopje and University of Dundee, 
and "Capital and Gender" an international project held in Skopje on the
beginning of 2001 organized by the Open Graphic Art studio in
cooperation with the Contemporary Art Center - Skopje.
Together with the promotion of fifth issue of ZAYAC there will be promotion 
of new video
clip of the music group "String Forces". The video clip is made in co 
production between
CAC-Skopje, Profundus and Demek Productions.
The idea for the creation of an Internet zine, in the field of visual arts, 
is strongly urged by the desire of young people who
are involved in contemporary art, and other cultural events to find a
venue for the realizing of their concepts. Following our aims we are
trying to develop ZAYAC as Internet space for the release of critical
texts, concepts, projects and other studies connected with exhibiting
and cultural aspects of contemporary and electronic arts in Macedonia.
ZAYAC is the first and so far only zine in this medium in Macedonia and
in Southeast part of Europe.
The basic aim of ZAYAC is to unite people who want to actively take part in 
creating of the young contemporary art scene
and is strongly connected to  the use of new technologies. The concrete
results of the issuing of ZAYAC as an internet zine are related to the
entering of new technologies in contemporary art in Macedonia, as well
as to the presentation of a part of the domestic art activities to the
international audience and in providing new contacts of young people
with the institutions and persons who act in the same field all over the
world. The long-term aim of ZAYAC is to develop a greater interest among
the artists for new technologies and to create opportunities to work in
international framework, aiming to involve the Macedonian contemporary
art in the current European and international trends.

Nikola Pisarev, editor

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