Max Zonov zonoff@online.sinor.ru
Sun, 8 Apr 2001 14:41:11 +0100

     call for  entries =A0 =A0=20

=46estival of Actual Kino   FAK  2001 art-house personal  low-to-no-budget=
 video films (June 7-10,  2001) =A0 =A0 =A0=20

To obtain an entry form  please visit FAK web site www.inart.nsk.ru/fak  =A0=

The deadline for entries is=A0May 1st 2001.   =20

1 prize 300$

We  welcome films of any  format, or subject  matter, length (0-15minutes =
 preferred). Films may be fiction,  documentary, experimental, music  video=
 clip or  animation. We would  like to  invite established artists  as well =
 as unknown ones. =20

We  are looking for  KINO

alternative,  experimental, erotic, humorous,  dramatic and underground=A0=



 =A0 =A0