[artinfo] [UNXposed] more film festivals...

UNXposed Moderator unxposed@azar.ms
Thu, 05 Apr 2001 12:18:46 +0200

Dead line: 01/06/01
Name: KINOFILM 2001
Location: Manchester/UK
Preview tape: VHS
Screening Tape: UMatic, Beta, MiniDV, VHS, SVHS
Prizes: =A31,000 for the Kino Short Competition (less than 5 minutes)
Fees: 3.5 =A3, $10
Additional info: Less than 20 minutes, Sections low/no budget, Digital
Media, Experimental. Very film oriented.


Dead line: 15/04/01
Name: New York Animation Festival 2001
Location: NYC/USA
Preview tape: VHS,
Screening Tape: VHS
Prizes: Some awards not cash specified
Fees: $35
Additional info: The 2001 festival will focus on independently produced
short works and take place September 14 - 20, 2001 at Cinema Village in New
York City. International, student, and experimental entries encouraged


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